3 Tips on How to Turn a Business Trip into a Vacation

3 Tips on How to Turn a Business Trip into a Vacation

Gone are the days where business trips had to be boring. After all, accommodation and lifestyle requirements for business trips only focus on functionality without any room for leisure or fun. Back in 2018, however, a revolution on incentive travel enabled people to conduct their business trips with more vacation-like facilities and features incorporated.

If your business trip is located in a beautiful tropical paradise of Phuket, make sure you exploit the opportunity and enjoy the time when you’re not working. When you treat it like a mini-vacation, business trips will never be the same again.

In this article, we will share with you three tips on how you can spice up your tiresome business trip and turn it into a vacation:

1. Incorporate fun in your business trip

If this is your first time, business trips are undoubtedly fun. There are free-flowing food and beverages. When you see them from 20 feet away, it is enough to make your mouth water. However, the continuous routine and lifestyle can get boring and monotonous. There will come a time that the extravagant meals will no longer become satisfying.

You don’t always have to remember that you’re on the trip for work. After all, there are certain parts of the day where you can relax and concentrate on yourself without focusing on responsibilities. A business trip to Phuket permits you to enjoy the warm, sunny skies above the sandy shores and bustling waves. It will be a colossal waste if you do not take the free time to spend outdoors. It is best to have your mind focus on other things instead of regularly wiring your brain on work alone.

2. Utilize the facilities to destress

Business trips can get stressful. If you require excellent stress-relief, your hotel and resort will have a wide variety of activities for your enjoyment. If you’re feeling timid, a gentle, relaxing massage will do a great deal to help relax you from the tiresome itinerary.

If you want some time alone, you can jog along the beach or workout near the hotel pool for a serene ambiance. For a deeper connection with nature, have your breakfast at your room balcony. Then, you can meditate after you do yoga while staring at the face of the bright tropical sky!

3. Connect with your colleagues and expand your network

Business trips are an excellent medium to boost your relationship with your boss and colleagues. It is best to overindulge in the company of like-minded people who share the same profiles, goals, and values as you do.

By checking your hotel’s lineup of events, you might find a social activity where you can connect with potential business partners. When you expand your business network, it increases your chance of expediting your career growth as well.


Every business trip has different goals and objectives that need to be achieved. It can get too stressful and affects your condition and performance during the journey. With that said, it is vital that you take some time to destress as well. Remember that Phuket houses hundreds, if not thousands, of tourist attractions where you can explore to reduce your stress levels.

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