5 Tips to Take an Eco Friendly Vacation


Thanks to increased awareness about environmental concerns, people are progressively moving towards a more ecologically friendly lifestyle. That means minimizing waste, opting for reusable products, and supporting sustainable programs. The adjustment can take a while, primarily since most of the products today use disposable packaging. However, with a little resourcefulness, you can add sustainable living to all aspects of your life—including going on vacation.

Vacations are essential to maintaining your physical and mental wellbeing. Whether it’s spending a few restful days at home or exploring a new destination, it’s a great way to unwind and reset. If you’d like to lower your carbon footprint for your next vacation, here are five helpful tips:

  • Search for Green Spaces
    Consider a green destination for your next vacation. A great place to start would be to look for lodging and accommodations that prioritize sustainability and energy efficiency, like our villas Riverhouse Phuket. With an abundance of open space and design elements that spotlight nature’s beauty, the villas will inspire you to relax in a serene and green scenery.

    Outside of your lodging, consider taking advantage of the natural entertainment and beauty that nature offers. Go on a hike, bike around, or have a picnic while enjoying the stunning views. Just remember not to feed any wildlife you stumble upon and to stay in the designated areas.

  • Pack Wisely
    If you’re keen on minimizing waste, you’ll want to ensure that you bring only the essentials with you. All modes of transportation include weight limits, as they use more fuel to carry heftier cargo. It’s also best to bring your reusable water bottle, refillable toiletries, and reusable bags, so you don’t rely on disposable containers.

    If you’re hoping to spend a day on the beach, make sure to bring biodegradable sunscreen. Regular sunscreens contain harmful chemicals that damage marine life, so double-check the label on your sunscreen before using it.

  • Use a Carbon Calculator
    Another tip for taking an eco-friendly vacation is choosing the greenest way to travel. If your destination is accessible by trains, consider going that route. Trains are one of the most environmentally friendly ways to travel. However, if you’ll need to fly, make sure to book a flight with the least number of connections as possible.

    If your destination is reachable via car, opt for a fuel-efficient vehicle. If you like going on tours, opt for smaller groups, as they tend to generate less waste than larger ones.

  • Unplug What You Don’t Use
    Taking on an eco-friendly approach starts even before you go on vacation. Before you leave your house, ensure that everything is off and unplug. Some electronic appliances continue to use power even when they’re turned off, so unplugging them will help you save energy and money. You can also put a schedule on your thermostat to shield your home from extreme temperature damage while allowing it to minimize energy usage.

    Next, inspect your fridge for food that will spoil while you’re on vacation. Consider freezing it. If you can’t, give it to a friend or family member. You can also donate it.

  • Explore Like a Local
    When you’re exploring your vacation destination, you’ll want to think like a local. After all, people who’ve lived in that place for a long time know the most cost-efficient ways to eat, travel, and purchase. Public transportation is almost always the cheapest and greenest option if you can’t get there on foot or using a bike.

    Try locally grown foods as well, as they tend to be more affordable than chain restaurants. You’ll have a genuine taste of their culture while reducing waste brought by international shipping and processing. Locals have their way of recycling and segregating, so it would be helpful and respectful to learn this.


Taking a vacation is a fantastic way to take a break from your busy schedule. It’s a chance for you to relax, explore new destinations, and try new cuisines. If you’d like to minimize your impact on the environment, keep these five tips in mind. They’re a great way to help you enjoy yourself while reducing your waste.

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