5 Ways to Make Your Beach Holiday Eco-Friendly


Hot, summer months mark the arrival of what is officially beach season. Most vacationers are excited to head to the coast, whether it’s within their country or to the tropics, where temperatures are much warmer, and the sun shines brighter. However, travelers must make an extra effort to go on eco-friendly beach holidays to combat the growing waste and pollution that have been hounding popular destinations.

Climate change is on the rise, destroying coastlines and oceans in the process. For you to ensure that you aren’t contributing to their degradation, here are five tips for enjoying an eco-friendly vacation at the beach:

Stay at an Eco-Friendly Accommodation

The most effective way to enjoy an environmentally-friendly vacation on your travels is to stay at an accommodation that employs green practices. For instance, the Riverhouse Phuket was developed to combine luxurious, loft-style living design, modern tropical pool villas, and sustainability. The resort installed solar panels on each pool villa’s rooftop, making it the primary energy use source. You’ll spend your vacation in an accommodation that uses functional design, a tranquil mountainous backdrop, and energy efficiency throughout your stay.

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Another way to bring your eco-friendly habits with you wherever you travel is to limit your carbon footprint. It’s best to choose holiday accommodation that’s close to the beach, mountains, or whatever aspect of nature you want to view the most. At the very least, these destinations must be reachable from your lodging on foot or by bike. You can also use public transport or shuttles to lessen your carbon emissions.

Opt for Eco-Friendly Watersports

Spending your summer holidays at the beach means that you’ll be relaxing by the water the whole time. Whether you want to lounge under the sun or have fun by joining water activities, it’s essential to make sure that whatever you do doesn’t contribute to the noise pollution or carbon emissions that motorized activities produce. For example, you can explore the vivid marine life by snorkeling. You can also surf, paddle, windsurf, or go kayaking. The possibilities for eco-friendly watersports are endless!

Adopt a Zero Waste Attitude Wherever You Go

Make sure that you don’t bring any single-use plastic with you when you go to the beach, as you’ll be contributing to waste that will only add to the piles present in landfills. Instead, bring a reusable water bottle, which is ultimately better in the long run, as it will keep your drinks fresh and cool for you.

It’s also best to avoid bringing individually wrapped products. Instead, put them in reusable, airtight containers. You’ll also want to carry your items in reusable bags instead of lightweight plastic ones, which can quickly fly away and pollute the environment.

Wear Reef-Friendly Sunscreen

Lastly, be sure to invest in reef-friendly sunscreen to protect yourself from the sun without harming marine life. Most commercially available sunscreen are filled with chemicals that wreck oceans and corals, so wearing them while you’re swimming can contribute to ocean degradation.

Instead, use sunscreen based on mineral filters that don’t use toxic substances like Oxybenzone. Make sure that they don’t have nanoparticles, either, as these can harm ocean creatures. It’s best to do some research into brands that offer reef-safe sunscreen so you can enjoy a guilt-free vacation at the beach.


Going to the beach for the summer holidays is a great way to take advantage of warmer temperatures, delicious tropical food, and relish the clear, calm ocean. However, it’s just as essential to make sure that you practice eco-friendly habits to avoid contributing to the destination’s pollution. With these five ways, you’ll have fun without worrying about harming the environment.

Riverhouse Phuket demonstrates the harmonious, relaxing combination of loft-style living with a gorgeous mountain backdrop and renewable energy. With functional design as the focus, we developed our villas to source their power from solar panels installed on every rooftop. Contact us today to book your next summer holiday!

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