How far would you go for a Sustainable Living lifestyle?


Riverhouse Phuket is setting itself apart as a new type of pool villa development with a focus on modern technology and clean energy done in a trendy industrial loft style setting. The solar powered villa sets the new bar for Phuket villa development.

When arriving at Riverhouse, you will first notice the clear solar roof at the entrance, we have been told this is the only clear solar panels rooftop in Phuket. As Riverhouse Phuket is committed to be a sustainable development, the renewable energy is being used throughout the project, from the daily operations office to each of the villa in the development.

Once you arrive at the parking spot, the electrical charger is installed for anyone who wish to charge their electric vehicle. Knowing that you will be charging from solar energy provided in the common area. You cannot have a greener way to charge your electric vehicle than at Riverhouse Phuket. For the home owners if you wish to install the electric vehicle charger in your garage area, that can be done as well.

Riverhouse Phuket’s two bedroom show villa is almost finished and will be available for viewing in April 2021. The villa carries the same 10K watts of solar energy produced on the rooftop similar to the three bedroom one. All the innovative technologies and green design are also put in place. The differences of having a two bedroom is that you will have a smaller villa in size but the same sustainability concept is used throughout the two bedroom pool villa in a more affordable price. For this reason the two bedroom pool villa is already popular among those looking to invest in Riverhouse Phuket’s villas.

With the COVID-19 situation looking brighter and the vaccine is readily available all over the globe more people are looking to come back and visit Phuket. Riverhouse Phuket is ready to welcome many of their clients who want to become a part of the sustainability living lifestyle together. We are exciting to see a growing sustainable community in Phuket.

Location wise, Riverhouse Phuket is located at one of the best locations in the Cherngtalay area; we are only a kilometer away from upscale supermarkets such as Villa Market and Tops, as well as plenty of restaurants in Boat Avenue and Porto de Phuket to choose from. Rental enquires already stacking up before the villas are available for rent. Whether you are looking into purchasing a villa as a home or as an investment, this is your perfect choice.

Riverhouse Phuket strives to be a forward thinking development, to stand out from the rest. Riverhouse is proof that sustainable living can offer all the comforts that traditional homeowners require. So you can have peace of mind knowing that, while living at Riverhouse Phuket, you have already reduced your carbon footprint.

Is this the community you want to live in? The best investment is definitely on sustainability. Be part of the future, join the Riverhouse Phuket family today.

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