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Smart Grid Property Development in Phuket Thailand

RIVERHOUSE is introducing a new concept in Thailand, a very forward thinking concept from E Land Development Co, Thailand’s 1st smart grid estate and the only sustainable villa development with 100% solar powered electricity. The real estate development provides renewable energy to power each individual villa, but also lets excess energy be shared between villas in a first of its kind, smart electricity grid.

Sunny days are like money in the bank.

100% Solar Powered Villas For Sale

At RIVERHOUSE it’s possible to go 100% Off-Grid with it’s first of its kind connected solar grid and energy storage solutions. Solar energy can be stored in batteries and used at night, to completely power your villa. Also fresh water is pumped up and filtered then stored in a network of storage tanks to ensure that future climate related water shortages won’t be an issue for residents at RIVERHOUSE. All these features combined makes for the ultimate green living experience without compromising on comfort.

By connecting all villas together, no energy is ever wasted as any excess electricity is shared within the community through a smart grid.

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Luxury Off-Grid Homes In Phuket Thailand

Loft-style living and edgy design in tropical Thailand, RIVERHOUSE has tastefully blended form and function. The green real estate development provides renewable energy to power each individual villa, but also minimizes the energy consumption by fine-combing every aspect of energy consumption, such as hot water, heat insulation, air-conditioning and humidity control.

RIVERHOUSE features an abundance of open space and tasteful industrial elements inside each of the 2 – 4 bedroom pool villas. Surrounded by green common areas complemented by small creeks & charming steel bridges. The greenery helps absorb heat for the whole development while showcasing serene scenery at the same time. 

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With a goal to reduce our carbon footprint on the world, we worked closely together with architect & Designer and our knowledgeable engineering team to reduce and maximize energy efficiency throughout the villa. To then be able to share electricity between our villas, turns these unique villas into futuristic power generators throughout the RIVERHOUSE community.

Smart Grid Technology - A Solar Powered Home By Solax Power In Phuket Thailand - RIVERHOUSE's Private Pool Villas For sale

Smart Grid Technology

Thailand’s first and only smart grid property available for sale.

Solar Panels 10kWp Total System

25 Years (Performance) Warranty

Hybrid Battery System

Solax Triple Power Battery 

10 Year Warranty

2 batteries of 5.6 kWp each

Pool System

Hayward Saltwater chlorinator System with 30% less energy consumption

Hayward Membranel Filter

Natural Sukabumi Stones 

Fresh Water Supply

Underground & Booster Pumps from Grundfos

4,000 liter underground water tank per villa

Grundfos Scala2 booster pump in house (Silent)

Stiebel Eltron 302L Hot Water Heat Pump 

(Draws heat from the atmosphere to create hot water.)

Solax Hybrid Inverter

10 Year Warranty For Solax Hybrid Inverter

Smart Grid Energy

Cloud Monitoring Portal

Automatic Transfer Switching From Primary Source To A Backup Source

Double Panel Glass

Insulated double-glazed windows

Protection against ultraviolet

Argon gas filled for minimal heat transfer.

Centralized Dehumidifier System

Munters Desiccant Dehumidifiers

Temperature & Humidity Control

Distributed Power

Saving the world, one home at a time

Shared Solar Power Electricity

The entire villa development is connected through a smart grid. With an average of 237 sunny days per year in Thailand, the villas at RIVERHOUSE will be able to generate enough energy to run the entire development with excess energy for other common areas as well.


Fully Sustainable Water




Offering property buyers a greener life

Home Water Systems for Sustainable Living

A network of underground water storage tanks is used as an effective, safe method to store precious water. RIVERHOUSE has wells drilled on the property so that the water is supplied from underground sources using special Grundfos pumps. A 4-stage water filtration system then filters the water for purification. The water is supplied to all of our luxury villas to ensure a self-sufficient water supply instead of being dependent on unreliable government-supplied water. Additionally, each villa has its own sealed 4000 liter water tank conveniently located under the garage ensuring you have a plentiful water supply.

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