2-Day Weekend Guide in Phuket, All the Hottest Stops to Enjoy Your Vacation

Riverhouse - Phuket Old Town

Two days aren’t enough time to fully explore the beauty of Phuket, but the guide above should point you to all the best attractions to enjoy your tropical escapade. From palm-fringed beaches to vibrant markets and nature-driven trips with towering cliffs surrounding the coastline — this guide should give a taste of all the unique faces Phuket offers.

Day 1: Kickstart Your Vacation by Visiting Phuket Old Town and Patong Beach

  • The first day is the best time to jump right into the hottest spots in Phuket, so get a feel of the island’s natural beauty by starting early at Karon Viewpoint. It’s a relaxing destination where you can take in the fresh, salty breeze and picture-perfect views of mountains and a seemingly unending sea.
  • Move onto the Big Buddha, one of the most iconic and highly revered landmarks in Phuket. Sitting at a 45-meters high by the verdant Nakkerd Hills, it’s an awe-inspiring structural wonder that you can’t miss!
  • Get to know the locals by heading down to Phuket Old Town, a charming, quaint area that can transport you to an old world filled with vintage delights and quirky cafes.
  • Keep the momentum going by heading over to Wat Chalong, where you can walk off your lunch around picturesque temples.
  • Finish off with a jaw-dropping view of the sunset at Patong Beach and witness the skies take on kaleidoscopic hues. You can end it two ways: unwind by getting a post-dinner foot massage or get to know Phuket’s nightlife by visiting its busy, neon-clad streets lined with bars, shops, restaurants, and more.

Day 2: Get to Know the Island Better by Taking a Day Trip to Phi Phi Islands

  • Start your morning right by heading straight to Phi Phi Islands, where you can view an archipelago of Phuket’s limestone formations lining white, sandy coastlines.
  • Phi Phi Islands is iconic for its gorgeous beaches, so take the time to dive into the crystal clear waters, swim around colorful reefs, and explore marine life by snorkeling!
  • Enjoy the sun-kissed island by hopping around Phuket’s main attractions, from cruising around Maya Bay to taking thrill-seeking adventures in the most popular diving spot, Loh Samah Bay.
  • End the day with a relaxing and heart-warming note by dining at Blue Lagoon, where you can indulge in some of the best seafood staples in Phuket.

The Bottom Line: Making the Most of a Three-Day Vacation in Phuket

For busy-goers who don’t mind a jam-packed schedule, then the simple itinerary above should point you to all the fun stops you can’t miss in your tropical escapade.

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