3 Reasons to Invest in Phuket Property for Investors This 2021


When people think of Phuket, they think of images of beautiful beaches, panoramic views of limestone cliffs, palm-fringed coastlines, rich historical temples, and a colorful culture that is as vibrant as its nearly-endless summer days. It’s the kind of tropical paradise that people only dream of escaping to, but it’s also an excellent market for diversifying your portfolio.

Investors who are ready to jump the big guns and tap into international real estate such as Thailand will find Phuket a premium investment, especially considering it’s the perfect amalgamation of cosmopolitan and nature-driven tranquility.

If you’re wondering why it’s worth going beyond borders when it comes to expanding your portfolio, the list below explores what makes Phuket the ideal investment this 2021:

Benefit #1: Increasing Rental Income on Phuket Residential Properties

The tourism industry in Thailand, particularly one of its best gems like Phuket, is booming more than ever. The sudden coronavirus outbreak may have thrown a wrench in the real estate market, but rentals are still at an all-time high and don’t show any signs of coming down.

Not to mention, with the current housing environment wrestling with low-interest rates, investors will find purchasing Phuket property a more valuable use of their money since it is guaranteed a rental return.

Benefit #2: Phuket Offers Year-Round Rental Potential

Out of all the coveted attractions and destinations in the world, Phuket caters to one of the busiest markets since it has the most peak seasons. While the rain pours down the hardest during September and October, the rest of the year is drenched in summer days where the tourism industry can shine.

This makes it an appealing real estate investment since renting luxury properties like Phuket’s villas has time on their side, which means there’s more room to attract people with a case of wanderlust for the better part of the year.

Developments like “condotels” are also widening the landscape since it allows villa owners to rent their space without needing a hotel license since this type of property combines it with freehold ownership dedicated for foreigners.

Benefit #3: Phuket Properties Are Relatively Great Bang for Your Buck

Compared to shopping for real estate properties in the hottest destinations in the world, Phuket rises on top as one of the most luxurious investments that come at incredibly bargain price tags. The freehold condominium market offers the cheapest rates, creating the optimal time to buy low and sell high.

The Bottom Line: Unlocking a Wealth of Opportunities When Investing in Phuket Properties

Between leaving your money to dust in the bank and investing in Phuket real estate, putting your money in a flourishing, paradisic market is sure to reward you with a wealth of opportunities.

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