3 Vital Points To Know before Your Trip To Phuket


Traveling to an unknown destination or a place that one has only seen on TV and never in person will always be an exciting experience that has a lasting entry on the scrapbooks of people’s lives.

Whether you’re looking at a weekend getaway or a thrilling adventure, you will have many options to consider. It just so happens that this unknown destination for most travelers in the world is Phuket, and this most likely includes yourself!

With sprawling examples of lush flora that look like they came straight out of a storybook, picturesque sunsets, and captivating island life, it’s easy to see why Phuket is the destination of choice for many. Much like any other destination that you’ve never been to before, however, this Thai province also bears a bit of preparation before arriving.

Are you a first-time visitor to Phuket? Here are a few things to know

From currency concerns and language barriers to the region’s season and weather, there are many different challenges that you’ll inevitably encounter once you arrive at your destination. While Phuket itself is synonymous with lots of sunshine and sandy beaches, the experience you’ll have can easily turn sour if you don’t prepare for it. This is especially true when it comes to knowing all the necessary details you’ll have to keep in mind before traveling to the destination.

Here are several vital tips to consider as you plan for your trip to Phuket:

1. Don’t drink the tap water!

Do you want to know a quick way to turn your long-awaited trip into a nightmare that ends in the hospital or days and nights on the toilet? It is drinking the tap water!

Regardless of what park of Phuket you’ll be in, you’ll quickly notice that “complimentary drinking water” is all around, and they’re there for a reason. This is because the country’s tap water is far from potable to the point where drinking water can be a bit of a luxury. Thankfully, you won’t have to worry about going thirsty at any point during your trip because mineral water will always be a stone’s throw away!

2. Get ready to feel a new type of heat

One aspect of Phuket that most people underestimate far more than they actually should is the destination’s sheer humidity.

Compared to the regular heat of Nevada, California, or any other sunny destination in the west, Phuket’s heat is on a new level because not only will it have you hot, but it’ll also have you wet and sticky. To avoid succumbing to the unbelievable mixture of heat and moisture during your next trip, come prepared with loose and light clothes and short on everything—shorts or sleeves included!

3. There’s so much to do, so plan accordingly

Unlike other destinations in the world that can be fully scaled and enjoyed in a matter of days, Phuket is so packed with activities that you can enjoy a new activity every day without repeating one for years. While you’ve got an itinerary that has already listed what you’re planning to do once you arrive, you can also ask Riverhouse Phuket’s staff and representatives about other suggestions that you can consider!


While you may find yourself with lots of excitement over what’s going to come next during your first time in Phuket, it’s best to take it slow and brush up on what you need to know. With this guide’s help, you can come prepared and ensure that you’ll experience a good time without running into the risk of having unwanted experiences!

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