5 Eco-Friendly Tips You Should Follow While on a Vacation

5 Eco-Friendly Tips You Should Follow While on a Vacation

As the year comes to a close and the holidays start to roll in, some people might have a few travel plans in mind to make up for the time lost in the past year. So long as you follow the necessary social distancing guidelines and travel regulations, you can begin packing your bag, finalizing your itinerary, and counting down the days until your much-awaited trip.

While you look forward to your getaway, it would help if you considered being mindful of the world by choosing to practice an eco-friendly lifestyle while visiting a new location! Going green in your own helpful terms is already affecting the world positively in a lot of ways—which is a great incentive to start doing it immediately.

If you want to learn how to do your part in saving the environment while you’re on holiday, keep reading below.

Carry an Extra Bag

If going on a road trip with your loved ones is part of your itinerary, don’t forget to bring a trash bin or an extra bag where you can put your recyclables while you’re traveling. Even though you can expect to stop by gas stations and convenience stores where you can throw away your trash, most of those places won’t have recycling bins available. That’s why it would be best to take the initiative to recycle things while you’re traveling!

Learn About Your Hotel’s Values

For those who will be staying at a hotel or lodging during vacation, it’s integral to start a conversation with the reception staff and discover their stand regarding the place’s ecological practices. You need to know how they’re making the change to go green so that you can join them as well. They may have recycling baskets in the vicinity, or you can ask to make a few changes about daily room cleaning, such as reusing your bath towels and keeping your bedsheets.

Utilize Reusable Containers

People who go on short vacations usually try their best to pack light and bring items in convenient pocket sizes to enhance their luggage space and avoid carrying them back home. Unfortunately, it’s only adding to unnecessary waste!

What you can do instead is to bring reusable containers which you can refill with the products you need as long as you want. You can also carry around a reusable water bottle to avoid buying water each time you go out!

Choose to Commute or Walk

Part of fixing your travel itinerary is knowing how to get from one place to another. If you want to reduce your carbon footprint, you have to plan the sights and places you want to see and book a place to stay in the center of all that. You can also proceed with finding out the best way to get to each destination without having to rent a car or taxi. Instead, you can ride other means of transportation or just choose to walk—it’s healthier and cheaper, after all!

Conserve Energy and Water

The eco-friendly habits you’ve gotten used to back at home can still be applicable while you’re on vacation. Since you’re paying for your stay in your hotel, you might be thinking that it’s okay to consume the electricity and water in however way that you want. But if you’re concerned about the environment, you should learn to save energy by turning off the lights and TV when you’re going out and avoiding spending too much time in the shower!


The world has experienced significant risks in the past decades, resulting in climate change and global warming. If you want to do your part and help save the environment, you must learn to take the necessary practices and instill them into your daily routine. When you’re on vacation, your little ways can still make an impact, especially if you can inspire the people around you to do the same in order to make the world a better place to live in for everyone.

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