Diving in Phuket Where to Go and What to Experience

Diving in Phuket Where to Go and What to Experience

Phuket is known all over the world as a tropical paradise, making it one of the most popular travel destinations. It offers pristine beaches, amazing flora and fauna, excellent food, and of course, good touches of luxury and adventure. There’s something for everyone in Phuket, but if you’re an avid fan of marine life, Phuket should be your number one diving choice.

The turquoise blue waters offer more than just scenic sunsets and thrilling water rides—underneath it all are marine species of various colors, enough to make you want to dive all day long. You’ll be experiencing phenomenal small creatures, vibrant coral reefs, and even tantalizing large fishes.

Phuket offers you a diving experience like no other, and will never disappoint. If you’re planning a trip to the lush wonderland soon, here are the top diving sites you need to go to:

Diving Spot #1: Shark Point

This protected marine sanctuary has one of Thailand’s richest and most diverse coral reefs. Shark Point is home to an outstanding variety of marine flora and fauna, and because of its protected status, it remains teeming with life. This famous dive site is also one of the best places to spot leopard sharks sleeping, feeding, and swimming about.

This site also features various rock pinnacles which are all full of life. With every turn of your head, colorful species await. Lionfish, corals, moray eels, and various colorful fishes swim about this site, making it one of the most popular diving spots in Thailand.

Diving Spot #2: King Cruiser Wreck

There’s a reason why this spot’s called the King Cruiser Wreck. This site features a ferry of 285 feet, which sank in 1997 after straying off course. It collided with the nearby Anemone Reef, and underneath the blue waters, it now serves as a new home for various schools of fishes. You’ll be able to sign snappers, yellowtail barracuda, and even hunting predators.

To top the experience off, you’ll have all the liberty to swim through the grandeur of the ferry, weaving in and out of the decks and hallways. Inside these cabins will be nocturnal species difficult to find, including scorpionfish, spiny lobsters, lionfish, and other crustaceans friends.

Diving Spot #3: Koh Dok Mai

If you’re looking for a little bit more adventure, the Koh Dok Mai is the place to go. It features a drift and wall dive, with beautiful hidden caves you can explore. These hidden crevices house a lot of different species, making your diving experience more fun and memorable. The reef around is also packed with vibrant colors, enough to make you shed a tear or two—not that you’d notice.

If you’re lucky enough to come at the right time, you might just come across some nurse and whale sharks around. It’s one of the most diverse diving spots in Phuket, and certainly one you wouldn’t want to miss.

What will you be experiencing?

Whale sharks can be spotted between February and May, and leopard sharks also can be seen in the area. Various other marine species often hide or swim about, including angelfish, seahorses, tunas, barracudas, and stonefish. If you have a great guide and a good eye, you’ll see colorful life everywhere you look.

Making The Most Of Your Phuket Experience

As a top holiday destination, Phuket has everything you could ever want. You’ll experience a magnitude of fun and adventure, especially when it comes to experiencing nature. You’re in for an action-packed holiday with great beaches and diving spots, and not to mention vibrant marine life you just won’t experience anywhere else.

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