Going Green in Phuket – Why Going Eco Friendly Is Important for 2020

Going Green in Phuket - Why Going Eco Friendly Is Important for 2020

Today, trends of going green can be found in almost every aspect of our lives. From the products we use, to even the equipment we utilize, everything seems to be going green one way or another. This trend has also affected the mindset of consumers where buyers prefer products that are eco-friendly and made through sustainable procedures. It doesn’t stop there!


Today, the majority of tourists look for hotels that are sustainable and green, meaning that they prefer to book rooms in places that are active in the eco-friendliness movement. In fact, this factor is so important to them that they are willing to pay a little extra to stay in such a hotel.


The Attraction of Green Hotels

Everyone on this earth knows the trouble we’re in. In our selfish acts, we’ve drained the world from its natural resources and polluted the environment. With this in mind, many people find the need to play their part to make the world a better place, opting for eco-friendly and sustainable products.

Travelers also do the same, believing that they help reduce the carbon footprint by choosing eco-friendly hotels. They genuinely believe that only when one travels responsibly, is when one indeed travels.


The People Who Book at Green Hotels

Both baby boomers and the Millenials know about this issue. In fact, they heavily support businesses that strive to become green, doing more business with them, and becoming loyal customers.

Trends also show that the higher the household income is, the likelier the individuals will opt for eco-friendly activities, including traveling. This is excellent news for hotels, as not only can they go green, but they’re also earning even more money for doing so—a win-win situation! Because of this, hotels, hostels, or other types of accommodation seeking such support have to go green, as well as communicate their impact on the world as well.


The Characteristics of a Green Hotel

While being eco-friendly can start right at construction, there are a whole host of things hotels can implement to up their green game. For example, some hotels might opt for sustainable energy sources, such as solar and wind. They can even install their own solar panels to help reduce their reliance on electricity made from burning coal.

Some hotels also reduce their electricity consumption by utilizing fixtures, such as power-saving light bulbs. Other eco-friendly activities include recycling, automatically controlled lights, showerheads that promote low flow, and so many other things.

Hotels that really know how to go green can also enjoy certifications given out by AAA, Green Key, GreenLeaders, and so many other organizations. Not only does this help the hotel to attract tourists who are looking for eco-friendly accommodations, but also to prove that they’re doing their part in making the world a better place. In other words, hotels are saving costs, and they’re also gaining a competitive advantage over their non-green rivals.

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