3 Ideas to Help You Go Green When Renovating Your Loft in Phuket – Our Guide

Rather than moving, many homeowners today opt to renovate their homes instead. One of the most common renovations is a loft conversion, which turns their empty loft into a more functional space. However, many forget one crucial aspect when undergoing the project, and that’s to opt for eco-friendly solutions! In other words, these homeowners aren’t aware that going green is best not only to leave a smaller carbon footprint on earth but to save money at the same time.

Are you wanting to renovate your loft, but are wondering how you can go green at the same time? Here are three tips to keep in mind:

1. Materials
First, in your loft renovation or with any other home improvement, the materials you choose play a significant role. The materials you choose can either enhance your eco-friendly ventures or leave yourself having to pay higher energy bills.

For example, when selecting a material for insulation, not only does natural wool (such as ones from sheep) act as a better insulator, but it also biodegrades and is naturally resistant to fire thanks to its composition. As a result, not only do you enjoy a safer, greener home, but your heating systems will not have to work extra hard.

Another great example is the choice of windows. Spending the extra money on double or even triple-pane windows will help insulate your loft further, meaning that you will end up spending much less on money and energy in the long run.

2. Electrical Fixtures
Utilizing electrical fixtures that use as little energy as possible is another excellent way to go green. Opting for low-energy light fixtures not only helps you save energy, but it will last considerably longer than standard light bulbs, meaning less replacement and more money saved.

Another excellent installation you can add is solar panels! They give you free electricity and hot water, which means that you’re using less energy provided by utilities, and your boiler doesn’t have to work hard to provide hot water. While they can be quite expensive to purchase and install at first, they pay back their costs in terms of money saved quite fast! Plus, the government offers incentives to attract homeowners to install eco-friendly fixtures, so check to see which ones you can enjoy.

3. Second-Hand Items
Not only does going green mean you have to monitor your choices during construction, but also the items you to the rooms. By using second-hand items and furniture, not only can you pride yourself knowing that you’re doing your part in creating less waste on earth, but that you save more money purchasing these items compared to if they were completely brand new. There are plenty of excellent second-hand items out there for sale, and the best places to look for them are either your local charities or on the Internet!

There are many ways you can go about renovating your loft or any other aspects of your home in the most eco-friendly way possible. By simply sticking to the basics such as leaning towards natural materials, second-hand items, low-energy fixtures, and energy-saving solutions, you ensure that not only are you going green, but saving money plenty of money in the long run. Although some of your choices can be a little more expensive at first, their payback potential is excellent, so it doesn’t hurt going the extra mile to be green.

If you are looking for an eco-friendly loft-style villa for sale in Phuket – get in touch today to see how we can help.

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