Living In Phuket, The Sirinat National Park


Phuket, Thailand is one of the best vacation spots for nature lovers and cultural enthusiasts. Home to beautiful islands, numerous white-sand beaches, and sprawling mountain regions, it has become the image of simple peace and beauty in Southeast Asia. This land of natural and refreshing beauty is only made better by the people living in it, sporting a culture rich in history and a demeanor accepting of all people.

Visiting and living in Phuket is definitely a pleasure, especially with the overall relaxing aura of this island. Spending time in it, whether as a resident or a simple vacation, is only made better by the natural attractions it has in store for you, chief among which is the Sirinat National Park.

Sirinat National Park

The Sirinat National Park, situated at Phuket’s Northwestern edge, is one of the most beautiful natural attractions to visit when you’re in Thailand. While just a meager patch of protected land, it houses numerous beaches, wildlife, and evergreen forests—making this small area a giant opportunity for nature lovers.

Situated close-by to the Phuket Airport, the best way to get to this small paradise is to take a taxi cab. This national park charges a small fee to pay for the beautification of the local area, but it’s well worth the money for maintaining the beauty of Phuket.

What To See In Sirinat National Park

If you’re going to Sirinat National Park, then make sure to wear comfortable clothes, as there’s quite a bit of walking to enjoy the entirety of the area. Although it is possible to take your own vehicle around it, walking is the best way to enjoy the lush surroundings.

The Beaches

There are three white-sand beaches you can visit and enjoy in this national park.

The first beach is Mai Khao beach. Lauded as the longest in Phuket, it spans about 11 kilometers long. This definitely deserves a long walk in the afternoon with the sunset spanning your side.

The second is Nai Yang Beach. Closest to the headquarters and visitor’s center, it’s the best for setting up a picnic blanket due to its abundance of pine shades.

The third is Hat Nai Thon. Probably the quietest beach of the three, this beach is best enjoyed for swimming and relaxing away from the din of the other tourists.

The Marine Life

This lush protected area has its beauty filled with marine life to observe and enjoy. Going snorkeling near the coral reefs offers a sprawling view of the boundless small fish inhabiting the nearby area. A simple walk by the beach can lead to you finding some of the more curious fish swimming close to the shore to take a peek at the tourists. If you’re lucky, then you may also find some of the turtle nesting grounds hidden along the beach.


The Sirinat National Park is one of Phuket’s gem attractions, offering a paradise for naturists to stroll and enjoy. By timing your visit right, you may even get to enjoy the rambunctious activity of the local marine life—which makes for great photos for the artistic.

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