5 Tips For Walking On Phuket’s Beaches

5 Tips For Walking On Phuket's Beaches

One of the greatest benefits of being in Phuket is getting to fully enjoy the beach. While many associate beach trips to swimming, water sports, or sunbathing, the most underrated beach activity is to simply stroll by the beach.

Beach strolling is extremely relaxing and can be fun if done correctly. Walking by the beach—whether for exercise or leisure—is a lot more tiring and rewarding than it initially sounds.

A little preparation is necessary for you to have the best beach walking experience in Phuket. To help in that regard, here are five tips in order for you to enjoy your walk on Phuket’s white-sand beaches.

Plot your course prior to starting

While it is understandably more fun to wander spontaneously along the beach, a little bit of planning can help guide you to safety. Walking may not be the most dangerous exercise, but moving on sand is much more taxing than walking on a solid surface.

Knowing about the slopes and the direction of the wind can help you plot your course. Beaches have an abundance of slopes, which if you aren’t prepared for, can be quite taxing. The wind, on the other hand, can be a mess if it blows sand into your face, so some small adjustments can utilize your path to your advantage.

Wear sunblock

The warmth of the sun is perfect, especially when you’re on a beach—but it can be dangerous for your skin. Applying some sunblock before prolonged beach walking is a wise decision, that way you won’t end with sunburns all over your body.

Bring some potable drinking water

It might be excessive to bring a water jug or flask with you as you take your walk by the beach, however, you’ll be thankful when the sun takes its toll on you. Keeping yourself hydrated is a basic measure to combat heat stroke, which many are prone to on the beach. If you find bringing your own water a bother, then plan your route accordingly to pass by a rest stop for rehydration.

Do some warming up before hitting the sand

While you may not exactly be out to exercise, some basic stretching can help loosen your muscles before you start your walk. This way, you will last longer on the beach, allowing you to really enjoy your beach strolling. Aside from manual stretching, you can also try walking around on solid concrete to get your body going.

Bring the appropriate footwear

Sandals or athletic shoes are a must for prolonged beach walks. It may seem weird to be wearing footwear on the beach, but this basic measure can protect you from the random rocks or glass that have been washed up onshore. Going barefoot is definitely a valid option, but walking barefoot on the beach for long periods of time can make your muscles more sore than intended.


Some preparation and basic knowledge of the beach can help you experience the best that beach walks have to offer. Phuket’s natural beauty makes it perfect for sightseeing while strolling around, allowing you to fully immerse into your beach life.

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