Pros and Cons of Loft Living Is It Right For You


There are many options available nowadays when it comes to living spaces. Because of their aesthetically pleasing designs and open floor space, lofts are slowly gaining popularity and becoming the living space of choice for many people. If you are looking to invest in a living space that can be easily designed and maintained, a loft may be the answer you have been looking for.

However, loft living is not for everyone. Before you put your money down for a loft, it pays to take time to look into how your living arrangements will be like if you choose to invest in a loft. Just like any type of apartment or living space, there will be pros and cons to living in a loft. Knowing both sides will help you make an informed decision before you decide to move in.

Pros and Cons of Loft Living: Is It Right for You?

Are you considering getting a loft? If you are not yet completely sure about your decision, here are a few pros and cons to help you make your decision.

Pro: You Will Have a Lot of Space

Because a loft will consist of mostly blank floor space, you will have much more space than if you had chosen a one-bedroom apartment of the same floor size. The removal of the walls in a loft will add more space that may be used for your personal things and belongings.

Con: Lack of Privacy

The con that comes with the wide floor space is the lack of privacy. Your bedroom will technically be in the same room as your kitchen and dining room. If you have company over, they will be able to see your bedroom even if they are technically not in the part of the space that houses your bed.

Pro: Aesthetically Large Windows

Lofts usually come equipped with large windows that will let the natural light into the living space. You may be able to use this natural light during the daytime and add ambient lighting at night when it gets dark.

Con: Heating and Cooling Problems

Your large windows may look aesthetically pleasing but they may make your living space extremely hot or cold depending on the season. Your power bills may significantly go up because you may need to use heating or cooling appliances to counter this problem.

Pro: Lofts Are Usually Near Bars and Other Attractions

Loft buildings will usually be found in the heart of the city. Being in the central business district will make your place of residence closer to bars, convenience stores, malls, and museums. Lofts are the epitome of convenience because of their strategic location.

Con: Noise

The bad side of living in the center of the city is the noise. During the extremely busy times of the day, you may hear more noise than you bargained for.


These are the most common pros and cons of loft living. Taking all of these into account (along with any other pros and cons you can think of), and weighing the pros against the cons will help you figure out if you will thrive well living in a loft.

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