Visit Cafes and Coffee Shops in Phuket A Travel Guide


Phuket is best known for its breathtaking beaches, interesting rock formations, stunning cliffs, and exciting nightlife. But aside from enjoying the island’s magnificent beauty, its cafe scene is thriving and worth exploring.

After swimming or walking all day long, you can relax, ease your mind, and spend leisurely tea time or coffee break in different locations in Phuket. Here are some must-visit cafes and coffee shops around the island:

Refresh Tropical Cafe

If you want to fully immerse yourself in the spirit of summer, head to Refresh Tropical Cafe. This quaint cafe is tucked away in a quiet corner of Limelight Avenue Phuket, giving you the chance to unwind. It has a unique atmosphere that can make you feel like you are in a beach cottage.
You can even treat yourself to tropical-inspired snacks and drinks, like refreshing soda beverages, baked goods, smoothie bowls, and fruit smoothies.

Asterisk Espresso

Asterisk Espresso is a hidden gem for coffee enthusiasts. Located on Poonpon Road in Phuket Town, this cafe provides the combined atmosphere of a relaxing coffee house with a small garden. It also serves various types of coffee drinks, from espresso to caffe latte. If you and your friends or family are looking for an excellent place to meet up and have an engaging conversation over your favorite coffee, then this place is for you.


Located in the oldest part of Phuket Town, this coffee shop offers a welcoming atmosphere. Art lovers can enjoy immersing themselves in books, local arts, films, a cup of gourmet coffee, and some baked goods. You can also buy some secondhand books on the lower floor and get a glimpse of selected films and exhibitions from local and international artists on the upper floor.

Hock Hoe Lee Cafe

Have a taste of the traditional Phuket coffee at Hock Hoe Lee Cafe. This cafe is situated in Rawai and has a laid interior and outdoor seating area. You can also have some healthy comfort food, such as fruit salads, homemade muesli with bio yogurt, egg muffins, club sandwiches, and more! After getting your caffeine fix from the cafe, you can purchase some go-to for your next coffee break.

Good Cafe Phuket

If you are craving freshly baked pastries, head to Good Cafe Phuket. This cafe specializes in matcha crepe cake, pear caramel upside-down cake, and lemon meringue. It serves snacks ideal for those looking for a quick snack break.

Campus Coffee Roaster

Whether you simply want to relax or get some work done over a cup of joe, Campus Coffee Roaster is an ideal go-to place. Located on Krabi Road, this coffee shop serves various coffees, like cold brew and espresso. The place also takes pride in having its own individually processed and roasted coffee beans. Other locally made snacks and desserts you can eat here are sandwiches and wraps.


Phuket has quirky, relaxing, and inviting cafes and coffee shops you can go to for coffee enthusiasts and non-coffee drinkers. To have an incredible cafe hopping experience, consider the list of places mentioned in this travel guide.

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