Some Hidden Gems to Visit When You Are in Thailand

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Are you considering property investment in Thailand? The country offers a sunny tropical paradise filled with tasty food, fun getaways, and friendly locals. If you go for a property in Phuket, you get a combination of fantastic tourist finds and comfortable living.

Phuket has been a pioneer of sustainable tourism, marrying its education on environment conservation issues with deluxe getaways and adventure packages. This is perfect for people planning to move in or just enjoying a tropical vacation.

Here are some hidden gems you can visit in the area:

Koh Panyee Fishing Village

Sitting pretty in Phang Nga Bay is Koh Panyee Village, a Muslim fishing village. An adorable little tidbit about the area is that everybody living here is a descendant of an Indonesian man named Toh Baboo and his family and friends. Toh Baboo and his descendants were the village’s founders over 200 years ago.

Get a firsthand perspective on the local community during a visit to the floating village on a small group adventure tour of Thailand. Walk alongside an expert guide as you learn about the locals’ history, sights, and livelihood. Feel pampered as you enjoy a Thai culinary experience during an included lunch at a floating restaurant.

Phi Phi Islands

Would you like to go on a speedboat cruise and go snorkeling in some of Thailand’s most vibrant water? Phi Phi Island will give you the tropical paradise experience with an incredible view of the Andaman Sea.

Here, you’ll find staggering limestone cliffs, world-famous coral reefs, and wild macaques taking a dip in their “Monkey Island.”

Talu Island Sea Caves

It’s not just the bright blue water and white sand of Thailand that will make this a memorable trip; it’s the fact that you’ll get to experience your surroundings firsthand.

Whether it’s drifting in a canoe through sea caves with local guides or exploring the island on foot, you’ll be able to take in the limestone cliffs and aquamarine waters of Talu Island in a way that most travelers never get to.

Chiang Mai Night Market

This local market in the old city of Chiang Mai is known for attracting tourists, and for a good reason: it’s easily one of the best in the country.

As the sun goes down, you will see these relatively quiet streets come to life. It is perfect for a relaxed stroll among food vendors and souvenir shops.

Changchill Elephant Sanctuary

There are few things more moving than an elephant’s freedom in the world. This hidden gem will let you see elephants in a safe living environment where they can roam freely.

You can help prepare food and medicine for these gentle giants and chat with their caretakers. It’s a fulfilling experience especially for responsible travelers and advocates against animal cruelty.

Damnoen Saduak Floating Market

One of the best things to do in Thailand is barter for local Thai products at the Floating Market. Get an immersive look at Thailand’s daily life aboard a traditional long-tail boat.

You get to enjoy regional, home-grown fruits and delicacies straight from their floating stalls.


Thailand is a tropical country with beautiful islands and friendly people. You can definitely enjoy a fantastic getaway and a great place to live in.

Discover hidden gems of Thailand that will wow you with their beauty and don’t cost a fortune. If you happen to be in this part of the world, do give it a try!

If you are interested in getting a property in this tropical paradise, you can get your own residential villa in Phuket through Riverhouse Phuket. We offer tranquil mountainous backdrops in the most sought-after residential area of Phuket. Contact us today to learn more!

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