Why Choosing Nature Travel Over the City Will Refresh You

Why Choosing Nature Travel Over the City Will Refresh You

There is a reason why we feel a sense of calm and peacefulness when we emerge from a stroll in the woods, or a sense of relaxation when lying down on the beach. Even having the salty sensation of seawater after a quick plunge in during a beach vacation brings a rushing sense of relief. The reason behind this is the word “nature.” We have all heard the word “human nature,” and this is because all these activities bring us back to our roots, which is nature. We are born through natural means, and when our time on the earth is done we decompose into natural materials.

With this being said, here is what choosing to indulge in the beauty of the natural world will bring over the bustling city life we are accustomed to:

Nature Travel Boosts Attention Span

Modern life is plagued with a plethora of information that bombards us everyday at work, school, or even at home watching television or surfing the web. This causes a spike in our attention spans, while we search to make meaning of all the things presented to us. However, with nature, not everything has to have meaning. Some things are just the way they are, and basking in the glory of the world around us will help us realize that slowing down is healthy for us. A quick hike in the woods or a walk in the park should help clear thoughts out and hit the reset button.

Nature Travel Encourages Creativity

A lot of creativity can be found at a level of peace, which is what nature can bring to our lives. Many artists and creators derive their masterpieces or products from the earth and its environments, so there is no doubt about the impact of being in touch with the natural world. Nature travel can refresh a blocked mind, and push for new, innovative ideas.

Nature Travel Can Offer a Reset

The monotony of daily life can be the cause of burnout. Clocking in work hours a day in and day out can be detrimental to mental health, which is why taking vacations are important. Even if it means just taking a short drive out of town to the mountains to take in the fresh air and good weather, it can offer positive effects in life.

Seeing Something New and Being in Awe is Refreshing

Going somewhere and seeing new sights is always welcome, as being in awe about a place’s natural resources and environment offers a picture that is hard to erase. Not only will it look good on social media, but it will also provide you with a better attitude towards life.

Sunlight is one of the Best Medicines
Although sunlight is seen as a threat at times, there is no doubt that Vitamin D is good to have in your body and often outweighs the cons of soaking in the sun. Sunlight exposure can lower the risk of musculoskeletal disorders and boost the immune system, as well as combat certain forms of cancer, provided it is not overdone.

This Kind of Travel Can Promote Healthy Living

Being exposed to the environment may suck people into the lifestyle of being conscious of health and care for the surrounding world. Many backpackers experience this when traveling to countries with beautiful sceneries and cultures, as well as allowing them to lose weight and stay fit due to carrying heavy packs. Backpacking entails a kind of nature travel with a lot of movement and fewer mobility options, so walking will be the option to get around while taking in all the scenery.


The dream of many is to live with creature comforts near or surrounded by the natural world, as it offers the best of both worlds. In some countries, this may be difficult to achieve, but choosing to thrive amongst nature will surely be a decision that will not be regretted.

Riverhouse in Phuket provides villa homes with reduced carbon footprints, all while maintaining the best parts of the environment around. Nature travel will never be far off, and having familiar sights close by is something that shouldn’t be passed on. Contact us today to view our amazing community, and perhaps be a part of it!

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