Why Sustainable Travel is a Must for All Travelers

Why Sustainable Travel is a Must for All Travelers

Sustainability refers to the preservation of natural resources, which also promotes a sense of ecological balance and care. Due to the many wasteful practices committed by organizations and people alike, sustainable tourism is slowly being encouraged to become a norm when traveling.

Over time, the concept of being “green” has embedded its presence into all of our lives, as we are aware of the damage caused to earth. Here is why sustainable travel is essential for anyone stepping on a plane towards new shores:

What are the implications of sustainable travel?

You may have thought about your own traveling process and how you can make your vacation habits sustainable. While reducing your impact is possible, it’s near impossible to travel without leaving a trace. This is because air travel alone produces so much waste and increases your carbon footprint. The love people have for traveling contributes to carbon emissions greatly, and it can be a challenge to live a greener life while traveling.

There is, however, a longer answer, which entails a study on three sustainable tourism pillars:

  • The Ecological Pillar, which entails conserving the natural environment of your destination by practicing waste management and regard for surroundings;
  • The Economic Pillar, which is all about supporting local businesses and hostels, as they allow the economy to grow while you give people the opportunity to work and make a living, and;
  • The Social Pillar, which is supporting the cultural aspects of countries with a rich heritage they wish to keep alive.

You can adhere to all these pillars by checking in to local hostels or hotels, as they are run by locals and not large foreign multinational companies. They also offer a wide array of options of places to visit and cultural experiences to take place in, as they are closer to these locations.

What about these smaller hotels support the pillars?

Smaller hotels are usually run by families and not organizations. You’ll often find that they are more aware of serving the environment by offering better practices, and you are helping a family business survive a growing harsh economic market. The hotels you find around are often modernized and have technologies such as renewable sources of energy and practice proper waste disposal.

Large hotel chains usually answer to management, which means using their amenities supports big business owners, compared to the locals you could be supporting. It is important to immerse yourself in the local culture, which these smaller enterprises can assist you with.

Why immersing yourself in the local culture is important

The whole point of traveling is to get a break from the usual and discover something new. The world is a melting pot of amazing people and cultures, in which it is up to you to discover. Each place you visit will have unique experiences due to historical differences. By experiencing these cultural practices, you help keep them alive for generations to come.


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