Why Should You Choose A Guesthouse Over a Hotel


Planning a vacation requires multiple planning—from plane tickets to packing the essentials, it can get quite hectic! One of the most important aspects of your vacation is finding a palace to stay, however, as you will need a comfortable bed and a working shower to go about your days.

Looking for a hotel to book may be your first choice, but recent years have witnessed a preference shift towards guesthouses. In other words, tourists now prefer the comforts of homey atmospheres, as opposed to the busy bustles of hotels. While plenty of hotels offer unparalleled accommodations and amenities guests can enjoy, nothing quite beats the coziness of feeling like home. That being said, here’s why you should choose a guesthouse over a hotel:

Reason #1: It’s less expensive

While planning a vacation means saying yes to a lot of luxurious things, finding ways to save a little more on costs is always a welcome gesture. That means more money to splurge on fresh oysters and bottles of wine, after all—if you can find a place that offers both comfort and quality service, why waste your resources on a hotel?

In more ways than one, hotels charge more than guest houses, but both options offer the same level of service. Staying a little longer is also an option, as an extra night or two won’t be burning holes into your budget. Guesthouses are family-friendly, too, as opposed to hotels that set limits for each room.

Reason #2: It offers a more personalized service

Hotels are regarded highly for their service, but nothing comes close to the crushing personalized service you can get from guesthouses. Seeing as guesthouses only accommodate few guests at a time, they are able to pay more attention to your specific needs, ensuring that the services you receive are tailored accordingly.

Likely run by locals, you’ll receive gems of advice about the local area, such as secret getaways you can visit and other information you cannot find in any travel guide. A hotel won’t be able to give you much, especially since they will be busy tending to the floors and floors of guests.

Reason #: It’s your home away from home

A hotel’s atmosphere is glaringly different from that of a guesthouse—as the name suggests, guesthouses are essentially homes rented out to vacationers, meaning that the essence of staying at home remains with guests. A generic hotel room often feels impersonal and quite intimidating, while guesthouses offer human touches that exudes hospitality and comfort.
After a tiring day of adventures at the beach or up the mountains, coming home to a guesthouse will help you relax and unwind. Without the noise and bustle of carts and other children running up and down the hallways, you’ll be able to take a break you deserve away from such a busy life. The best part? Your vacation home will feel like home—even if it’s hundreds or thousands of miles away.

The Bottom Line

Given the steady rise of tourism and technology, it’s no wonder that listings of guesthouses have now taken over vacation spots. Guests now prefer to stay in places they feel comfortable and most at home—with the strong desire to take a break from the bustle of the city, going to hotels situated in busy streets seems counterintuitive.

As you plan your vacation to Phuket, why not choose a guest house you can unwind in? Enjoy fewer costs, a more personalized service, and a cozy and welcoming home!

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