Enjoy Your Next Adventure in Phuket by Traveling Responsibly

Enjoy Your Next Adventure in Phuket by Traveling Responsibly

Traveling has been more accessible to people in the past years. Booking flights to different countries have been easier, finding high-quality and affordable accommodations are within reach, and the thirst for adventure has been more apparent. Most people are finding different ways to get to a particular destination, and it doesn’t have to be as quickly as they could. Slow and responsible traveling has been a go-to type of adventure for many.

In recent years, travelers are choosing to travel slowly to enjoy certain places like locals do and to travel responsibly to reduce their carbon footprint. Traveling isn’t the most sustainable activity, and people have noticed it’s effects on the environment. Eco-friendly traveling is the new and right way to set forth on adventures. Here are some tips on how to travel responsibly:

Drive slow instead of flying

Most people always choose the most convenient way to travel. Without a doubt, flying is the easiest. Unfortunately, travelers have gotten so used to its convenience that many have forgotten its horrible effects on the environment.

Do you know the saying “It’s about the journey, not the destination”? You can think of traveling this way—the adventure to get to the destination is more fruitful than the destination itself. Consider driving to the beach you want to go to next weekend, even if it takes you five hours to get there. It’s the time spent looking at different towns and cultures that makes your trip more impactful—driving rather than flying decreases the amount of carbon footprint that you leave.

Look for sustainable accommodations

Another way to reduce your carbon footprint when you travel is to look for eco-friendly accommodations. Because sustainable living is growing and sprouting everywhere, it is easy to find sustainable hotels, hostels, and resorts where you can stay.

Sustainable accommodations usually have their water systems, efficient and eco-friendly energy resources, recycling, and more. Supporting local resorts who practice sustainable living and are conscious about leaving less carbon footprint in the environment is a great way to travel.

When you choose sustainable accommodations, you travel slowly and immerse yourself in the culture more. You’ll want to continue your habit of being eco-friendly even when you leave your hotel. Biking or walking rather than taking a car to go around town will allow you to absorb the personality and culture of the town you’re visiting.

Sharing is caring

When you plan to travel with someone else, it’s always better to share whatever resources you have to decrease the waste and carbon footprint that you emit while you go.

Sharing a car to get to a destination instead of taking separate forms of transportation will save you a lot of money, and you’re putting out minimal waste. Another eco-friendly option is to take the train or a bus that you can share with other commuters. Commuting is one of the best ways to travel responsibly because it promotes less traffic and pollution.


Being aware of how much pollution and waste you put out in the environment and making a conscious effort to reduce will do wonders not only to yourself but to other people around you. Traveling responsibly will give you overall great experience. Share a car, do some research on sustainable accommodations, and enjoy your journey to the destination.

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