Our Guide to Energy Efficicent Homes in Phuket – What to Know

In recent years, the importance of energy efficiency in homes is increasing by the minute as it provides a plethora of benefits for the owners and the environment. It is now an essential feature to consider when purchasing a property – from having proper insulation with the correct installation of walls, roofs, window treatments, down to electrical appliances.

What is Energy Efficiency?

As the moniker suggests, energy efficiency is the usage of less energy without compromising the quality of service it provides. There are many ways to maximize the utilization of energy in homes, which involves constructing the building with quality insulation, adding more windows with high-performing curtains or films, to investing in home equipment that is cost-efficient and energy-saving.

On another note, regulating the temperature of a home plays a significant role in conserving energy as it prevents homeowners from overusing their HAVC systems such as air conditioners or even furnaces. Conversely, other factors help enhance the efficiency of your home’s energy usage:

• Weatherizing the building using weather stripping and caulking
• Installing window treatments with low e-coatings and gas filling
• Installing high-performance systems and energy-efficient appliances

What is the Importance of Energy Efficiency in Homes?

Benefit #1: Reduce Your Utility Bills

The utility bills take up a significant portion of every homeowner’s monthly expenses. With that in mind, finding ways to maximize energy without overusing it can cut off 5% to a whopping 30% on your electricity bills. This alone is a highly enticing reason why consuming less energy without sacrificing quality is becoming a necessary feature in any house in the market.

Benefit #2: Expect a Better Return on Your Investment

Saving on energy means that any products that produce it will have better performance and a longer lifespan. This will result in a better ROI for those who dedicate a large portion of their budget to premium, energy-efficient options. Additionally, saving on energy means that you can also increase your pocket savings as energy prices continue to skyrocket across the globe.

Benefit #3: Increase Your Property Value

Energy-efficiency is widely favorable for any home as it promises buyers to reap on reduced bills on utility and repairs. That means sprucing up your property by utilizing energy-efficient home upgrades will sell for a higher price in the real estate market. This means that every update you make that contribute to the property’s energy-saving capacities adds up an attractive amount to the final selling price, making it a highly valuable feature to invest on for the benefit of your future and the environment.

In Conclusion

Due to the high demand for energy across the world, the price is skyrocketing and steadily becoming a crucial economic issue. With that in mind, homeowners can have a bang for the buck experience by investing in energy-efficient updates.

Not only will it reduce your electricity bills, but it will also help the environment in more ways than one as it reduces the release of carbon dioxide. To wit, it lessens one of the biggest contributions to global warming, making energy efficiency a universally beneficial feature every homeowner should consider.

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