3 Reasons Vacations Are Important Despite Hectic Schedules


In a world where hustling and bustling have become synonymous to success, anything that requires you to slow down may seem like a grave sin. Many people find it close to impossible to take the time off, much less plan for a vacation. There are always reasons behind your inability to go on a vacation—the big meeting next week, a client visit later, a spreadsheet due tomorrow— work has made much too busy for life, thinking that it’s a huge aspect you simply cannot miss.

Unfortunately, the only thing you’re missing is life. In more ways than one, living a life thriving in work is a life that isn’t lived. And while clutches of your desk may make you feel like you’re bound, you have all the reason to dip your toes in pristine blue waters and bask in the sandy sunlit shores. Here are some of them:

Reason #1:

Your health matters It’s easy to zoom in and out of the office, completely oblivious to your health because you’re physically well. Unfortunately, your dedication to productivity has blinded you to the rest of your well-being. While being physically healthy is crucial, taking good care of yourself also encompasses your mental and emotional health.

The best way to get holistic care is through a vacation—with much relaxation and downtime, it can quickly restore your health. Busyness may have caused your symptoms you may not have noticed before, such as chronic headaches, anxiety, and even difficulty sleeping. With a vacation to look forward to, you can restart and recover.

Reason #2:

Vacation time is a company benefit Vacation time is one of the most important benefits a company can give you—it’s compensation that goes beyond just money, so it’s only logical that you take advantage of it. It’s one thing to read and sign your contract containing “vacation leave”, however, and quite another to actually use them.

You may be worried about what your boss may think upon filing your vacation leave, as plenty of workplaces now romanticize commitment to work and hyper-active productivity levels. Although not directly communicated, taking some time off is highly frowned upon, especially if it doesn’t revolve around emergencies. While this may be the case, vacation days are entitled to you—you have all the liberty to use it, no matter what anyone may think.

Reason #3:

Your family needs you Working late night hours means you missed out on meatball extravaganza dinner once more. Your boss calling on the weekends means a canceled movie night and so forth—while these things may seem crucial, your family needs you. Your kids are growing and in fleeting moments, you’ll find them grown and ready to leave.

Through a vacation, however, you’re given the opportunity to bond with your family. Everyone can relax and recuperate, away from schoolwork, household duties, and desk responsibilities. If a family vacation time isn’t possible, spend some time alone still—you’ll need all the healing you can get, and you’ll come home to your family a better person.

Your Busyness Is Precisely Why You Need a Vacation

Plenty of people are convinced that a hectic schedule means that planning a vacation translates to madness. You need to wait for everything to calm down before you plan that Phuket beach trip, madness. You need to wait for everything to calm down before you plan that Phuket beach trip, but doing precisely that means the trip will never come.

Hectic schedules never stop being hectic, so miss out on the chaos now. Your company will survive without you—if it’s for your health and family, vacation time is a non-negotiable compensation you need to utilize.

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