4 Tips for a Successful Group Vacation in Phuket

4 Tips for a Successful Group Vacation in Phuket

When thinking about heading out to a private vacation, you might not even consider bringing friends or family along for the ride. However, that’s a popular way for many to enjoy a vacation in destinations such as Thailand. We might even argue that being able to share the fun experience with someone that you care makes the entire trip that much more enjoyable.

If you’re interested in organizing a group vacation, here are a few tips to make it a success:


1. Ask Everyone What Their Idea of a Perfect Vacation Is

Everyone has their idea of what a perfect vacation looks like. Some might think that’s in the arcade playing games all day, while others might envision it to be at the beach enjoying the beautiful sunset.

What you’ll have to do is to get everyone to write down what they think their perfect vacation is. This is valuable information for you to help figure out what kind of vacation you should hold that everyone will enjoy.


2. Ask Individuals What Activities Interest Them

To help plan your itinerary, ask the group what kind of activities they each want. Let them list out exactly what events, games, sports, and any other activities they want to participate in. Another way you can go about it is to list general activities the destination has to offer and allow them to tick which ones they’re interested in.

For example, if they want to go paintballing, you can look for venues that offer the game. If some of them want to go hiking, you can look at national parks in the area where you can do just that.


3. Take Note of Every Special Requirement

A perfect example of this is food. Some might love to eat meat, while others a vegetarian.

When you’re planning out the activities and the vacation, it is vital that you take into consideration everyone’s requirements and needs. Some might have a disability, while others might have a food allergy. The best way to learn about these details is to talk to each member individually and in private. That way, any sensitive information is kept between you and the member, allowing the vacation to be planned accordingly without harming or offending anyone.


4. Decide on and Stick to a Date Together

Remember, the bigger the group, the harder it is for you to settle on a date in which everyone is free.

To help you find out which dates are the best, give a set of parameters for the members to choose from, such as days between January and February. Allow them to write down preferred dates as well and try to figure out which dates line up better than others. Also, make sure to do this well ahead of time, as this will allow the others to plan appropriately, such as opting for paid leave and so on.

In conclusion, while a group vacation is indeed fun, it takes quite a bit of effort to plan out. From which destination you want to go to, to the activities in the surrounding area, down to the food you eat, all of these must be planned in such a way that everyone can enjoy it. That said, that effort is truly worth it! Vacations are just so much more enjoyable when it is shared with someone else.

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