The Best Foods to Enjoy When Vacationing in Phuket

The Best Foods to Enjoy When Vacationing in Phuket

One aspect of your Phuket vacation you’re without-a-doubt looking forward to is all the food you’ll be enjoying. We’re telling you now, you’re in for quite a culinary journey. There’s something about Phuket food that makes it so darn delicious; although we have a strong feeling it has a lot to do with the fact that the seafood here is so fresh.

Whatever the case, get your tastebuds fired up as we’re about to give you some of the best dishes you can find on these shores. Most of the foods we’ll be talking about will involve fish, for obvious reasons, but we’ll throw in one iconic Thai dessert just for good measure. Now, without further ado, let’s dive right in!


Must-try foods in Phuket

1. Salt-grilled fish // Pla Pao

One of the best ways to prepare a whole fish is the Thai method of coating it in salt and letting the whole thing cook slowly on top of a charcoal grill. The salt adds flavor and makes the skin easy to remove once cooked—revealing tender, flaky meat underneath just waiting to be devoured. Basil leaves and lemongrass are used to highlight the fish’s flavor, and a garlicky chili sauce is usually served alongside the entire fish.


 2. Crab curry // Boo Paht Pong Karee

You mustn’t go to Phuket without sampling some of the local curries, and one of our favorite versions is yellow curry with fresh crab. This isn’t the typical kind of curry though, as ingredients like eggs, oyster sauce and fresh cow’s milk (instead of coconut milk) are commonly used in its preparation. The end result is something that’s to-die-for: succulent, flavorful crab that goes perfect with a steaming cup of rice.


3. Horseshoe crab roe salad // Yum Kai Mang Da Talay

For adventurous eaters looking for a unique taste of real Thai cuisine, definitely order a plate of horseshoe crab salad when you get the chance. Horseshoe crab meat is not edible, but their eggs are absolutely delicious! They have a fishy taste, but it isn’t overpowering to the palate. The best way to enjoy them is fresh, tossed in a salad with green mango, shallots, fresh chili, sugar, fish sauce, and lime juice.


4. Thai snow cone // Namkhaeng Sai

Once you’ve tried the Thai version of snow cones, you’ll never go back to the convenience store variety. They’re wonderful on a hot afternoon, and they’re really light—making them a perfect dessert after all that yummy seafood. They’re made with shaved ice and often mixed with shaved young coconut and red beans, and syrup or condensed milk is usually drizzled on the top.


Where to find these delicious treats

You can try these foods at plenty of resorts and restaurants around the island. You might also find them being sold on the streets from vendor stalls and markets. There’s plenty of opportunities for you to do so, so there’s no reason for you not to try them.

Unless, of course, you’re allergic to seafood. In which case, you still have plenty of amazing food choices as we’ve only given you a small preview of all the culinary delights that are in store for you.

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