5 Activities That Should Be on Your Phuket Bucket List


The Phuket province is such an incredible destination for traveling in Asia and island-hopping in Thailand. There are white sands, clear waters, and exciting architecture around. With spontaneity, you’ll find that an endless array of sights and lively locations are waiting for you.

However, if you’re unsure about what exactly you should be doing in Phuket and you want to create a clearer plan, we got you! Here are a few things that are definite must-dos during your stay in Phuket.

  • Go Beach Hopping

Phuket has some of the most beautiful beaches that it’s tempting to go to a couple of them during your stay. We recommend Kata Noi Beach. Paradise Beach, Naiyang Beach, and Layan Beach when it comes to sunbathing, relaxing, and enjoying the feel of sand under your feet. Lucky travelers may stumble upon a beach cove on the shore they can find rest at.

If you’re looking to engage in a few more activities, there’s no shortage of them in Phuket at all. Some beaches like Ya Nui Beach and Ao Sane Beach offer snorkeling, scuba diving, kayaking, jet-skiing, and more. You can find whatever water thrill and adventure your heart desires.

  • Find Breathtaking Views

Aside from getting a view of the sea from the beaches, you can also explore different landscapes that can provide you beautiful scenery that you could capture on camera, savor in person, or both!

Some sunsets look more memorable than others, and the one at Promthep Cape is incomparable. Patong Hill at Wassa Bar also holds a beautiful sight of the sun setting on the bay, though you may need to take a tuk-tuk to avoid impromptu navigation of the roads.

  • Check Phuket’s Night Market

Feel like there’s a festival every night when you browse Phuket’s night markets. Whether you are looking for a specific item or you don’t have anything in mind yet, find a range of items there. You can find all sorts of things that will catch your eye, from clothes to souvenirs.

It’s guaranteed you’ll have a blast buying what you want at an affordable price. If you’re craving a bite along the way, there are also tons of food stalls you can indulge in. Thai street food is mouthwatering and just enjoyable.

  • Visit the Shrines and Temples

There is an abundance of shrines and temples in Phuket that you can visit, with most of them made for Buddhism and Taoism. Phuket’s Big Buddha is also a good site for tourists and visitors alike to go to. Just try not to forget the proper etiquette you should follow when entering and exiting the temple.

  • Enjoy the Thai’s Take on Western Food

Aside from local food, many restaurants offer Thai and Western food together. One of them is Bua Kamala, a restaurant that will let you enjoy your meal while looking out to the beachfront. If you’re looking for some Thai food, you can go to Blue Mango for French, Italian, and Thai food. Don’t forget to have a cocktail or two as well.


Phuket is such a wonderful place that keeps getting better and better throughout the years. Have fun during your escape and explore as much as you can on the largest island of Thailand.

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