5 Reasons to Stay in a Private Villa in Phuket


Traditional travel entails getting your plane ticket, resort bookings, and proper travel documents in line and going on an adventure in the destination country. Many tourists still love the traditional vacation feeling of seeing sights and even taking in the amazing culture of the places. Southeast Asian countries are often a popular destination for various travelers all over the world because of the incredible beaches and cultural history.

The issue with traditional travel in places like this is that you lose sight of the actual culture and lifestyle of the place. Staying in five-star hotels and resorts often takes away from the beauty of the actual country, and Thailand’s deep culture isn’t well-shown where these places are located. You can travel to the cities and even the provinces for the day, but it’s not the same as living in the area and experiencing the true visual appeal. This reason is why many people look for a villa for rent in Phuket to bridge the gap between the two. Here’s why you’ll want a villa when staying in Thailand, just like what Riverhouse Phuket offers tourists:

Privacy Is Still Present

Many people stay in hostels when visiting Thailand to experience the cultural atmosphere of the country. These hostels are conveniently situated in the middle of the city or by beautiful beaches, but they typically have shared rooms that aren’t suitable for everyone. With a villa in Phuket, you’ll be situated in a great area that gives you your own room to stay in and live in privacy at the end of a tiring and action-packed day.

You Have Your Own Creature Comforts

In a villa, you’ll have your own private area that you can practically lounge around in without anyone taking up your space. If you want to find a villa for rent in Phuket with a pool, you can get one to ensure that you’re not sharing your me-time with anyone else but your loved ones. You might also get a garden with your villa, which means you’ll have beautiful pictures without any photo bombers or distractions.

You’ll Have Everything for Sustainable Living

If you rent a villa in Phuket from Riverhouse Phuket, you’ll be able to practically live sustainably and without any need to constantly eat or order food. You’ll have a stove, utensils, an oven, a microwave, and even food preparation tools. Some villas might even have a washing machine and a dryer to do laundry, meaning that long-term stays are possible and sustainable. Asides from these, you might even have a sauna, a small gym, and even a spa area to relax and unwind.

You Don’t Need to Deal With People If You Don’t Want to

The villa staff are there to oversee the properties and small tasks for those who rent them. However, if you don’t want to be bothered and want to just do your own thing, you can do so without needing to call them for help with something. They’re likely on standby but they won’t be helicopters and be there watching your every move. A villa is a great option for introverts who dislike most interactions that are unnecessary.

You’ll Enjoy With Your Family

In resorts and hotels, your family might not appreciate the vast number of people who book alongside you for vacations. You might lose out on slots in the spa, have a cramped gym, or an overcrowded pool. Some facilities like the beachfront activities might even be fully-booked, which will ruin the experience. With a villa in Phuket, your family can enjoy every single aspect of the area and even the surrounding areas beyond.


Renting a villa is a better option than booking a hotel or resort because of the privacy and pacing you can achieve during your stay. If you’re on a vacation, you want things going your way and relaxing, which is something that is achievable when you stay in a villa in Phuket. With full control over your experience, it’s an unparalleled experience.

Riverhouse offers a unique experience in island living, as you will be able to feel the best parts of Phuket with all the comforts and luxuries, all while maintaining a minimal carbon footprint. Get in touch with us today to find out more about spacious and beautifully designed eco-friendly villas for rent.

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