5 Days of Sample Itinerary for a Phuket Vacation


Planning an overseas trip in Phuket sometimes leads to a long pause where you’re overwhelmed and confused about where to start. There are various activities and tourist attractions to consider, after all. To help you with your itinerary, here is a sample itinerary of a Phuket vacation for five whole days.

Day 1: Enjoy The Beach!

Starting your Phuket vacation with Thailand’s gorgeous beaches is an excellent jump start of your trip. The best part about the beaches of Phuket is its incredibly vast numbers that are either a short walk or a few minute-drive from your accommodation.

Each beach caters to a different set of target markets. There are more crowded beaches teeming with nightlife while there are also beaches that offer a more private and secluded experience. You won’t get hungry too since there are a lot of restaurants around the beaches, each one having their signature dish that makes tourists come back for more.

Day 2: Immerse Yourself In Nature

Phuket has a lot of nature activities you can try. If you’re fond of elephants, you can take an elephant trekking experience that boasts gorgeous views of the entire island. For people who prefer to stay in areas near sea level, there are various temples scattered around Phuket where you can pray or meditate.

Your accommodation might have scenic spots too where you can relax in bliss while surrounded by nature. Maybe your hotel has a serene swimming pool area perfect for lounging with a book you’ve been dying to read.

Day 3: Explore Phuket’s Famous Attractions

Phuket houses a wide variety of tourist destinations—these include the local market, the upside-down house, aquariums, museums, theaters, and temples. Each place caters to a particular interest and offers an enriching experience, especially for young children.

Day 4: Become A Pirate For The Day!

The most attractive feature of Phuket is its seas. You can choose whether to snorkel around shallow waters or deep-dive into lustrous coral reefs swarming with marine life. It is best to sign up in a program where you hire a professional SCUBA instructor to guide you throughout your dive.

Since the dive takes up half a day, you might find yourself with sore muscles after the activity. Relax with a Thai massage at the beach to rejuvenate your senses for tomorrow’s set of events.

Day 5: Island Hop Around The Phi Phi Islands

Your Phuket adventure won’t be complete without an island hopping experience on the Phi Phi Islands. Remember, you need an entire day dedicated to the whole set of islands to enjoy the activity thoroughly. You can snorkel around the majestic reefs, stride along the sandy beaches, or recline on a hammock sipping your cocktail as the sun starts to set. It’s your call!


One week in Phuket is not enough to experience its entire greatness. However, with the mentioned activities above, you can get a glimpse of what the tourist destination has to offer. Next time, you can cross off a particular place you’ve been to and explore new Phuket territories your feet have yet to touch.

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