6 Ways That Girls Can Have Fun and Fully Enjoy Phuket


There is a collective mindset that Phuket is essentially an island for the guys. Unfortunately, it’s become one that is widely accepted. The truth is, there are so many great things for girls to do in Phuket too!

Here are six ways that girls can have fun and fully enjoy Phuket.

Buy your essentials at Central Festival

While it may seem like just another mall, having a familiar place to go to will help you keep a balanced vibe on vacation. Get some sunscreen and an extra pair of flip-flops and just chill. Some shops may have cheaper prices than their Hong Kong or Singapore counterparts due to the exchange rate differences, so check on your favorite brands and any new ones that may catch your fancy. If you have a tourist card, you can get a 5% discount, and Central in general often has discount promotions ongoing.

Check out a fresh market

There is something truly magical about visiting a local market. Aside from the many kinds of vegetables available, there are also many Thai fruits you can purchase to eat and even turn into shakes! Aside from all that, there will be street food galore, such as deep-fried chicken and sticky rice, pork barbecue on a stick, and even local thin pancakes called Ar-Pong.

Eat local seafood

One of the things Phuket is best known for is that it is a seafood paradise. Crabs, fish, lobsters, prawns, squid, and more are available. There are a number of restaurants worth checking out, depending on your budget.

Explore old Phuket town

Decades-old China Inn and Raya House still serve incredible food for lunch and dinner, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Phuket town is ripe with beautiful architecture, which will make for the perfect background for Instagram photos. If you’re more on the artsy side, you’ll definitely be inspired to draw, paint, or write a song or poem. Aside from mingling with the locals, you can check out the gorgeous boutiques on Thalang road and find the likes of indigo dresses.

Get your yoga on

Yoga has become increasingly popular in Phuket, largely thanks to the easy-going mood on the island. There are several studios located around the island where you can continue the exercise routine you’ve established or start something new.

Treat yourself and splurge on a spa experience

Some of the world’s most stunning spas and wellness centers are hosted by Phuket. The choices of treatments are endless, and no matter what your budget may be, there’s sure to be a package for it. 5-star resorts host some of the more known spas and require reservations in advance. Others are more casual and allow short-notice bookings. A good tip is to check whether the hotel you’re booking has a spa within the premises.


No matter what your preferences are and what your personality is like, there is something for every girl out there in beautiful Phuket! Contrary to popular belief, it’s not just for the boys. Book a trip now and enjoy everything the tropical island has to offer.

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