Everything You Need to Know About Phuket Pearl Farm

Everything You Need to Know About Phuket Pearl Farm

Looking for a one-of-a-kind experience on your trip to Phuket? You should consider booking a tour of the island’s world-famous Pearl Farm! There, you’ll get to see how pearls are farmed and turned into beautiful works of art. You’ll even get to purchase your own while also enjoying a significant discount!

In this guide, we’ll show you everything you need to know about booking a trip to this unique destination. We’ll also provide you with a few tips to help you make the most out of the experience.

How to Get to Phuket Pearl Farm

The Phuket Pearl Farm is an approximately 30-minute drive away from the main tourist areas of Phuket. You can take a taxi to go there, but the easiest way to reach the farm is to book a tour via their official website. Simply fill out the form that they provide, wait for confirmation, and you’re all set!

When you book through their method, you get to enjoy free roundtrip transfers from your hotel directly to the farm. You’ll also receive a bonus 10-percent discount on any of your purchases from their shop.

What to Do in Phuket Pearl Farm

Phuket Pearl Farm is a farm, jewelry factory, research institute, and specialty boutique store all rolled into one. You get to see the entire process of growing pearls within sea mollusks and how they are eventually transformed into fine jewelry.

They work with a variety of different pearls that include South Sea pearls, Akoya pearls, and Mabe pearls. These are some of the world’s most precious types of pearls, and you’ll get to learn more about what makes each one unique.

Apart from that, you will also see how talented craftsmen refine these pearls and incorporate them into all sorts of jewelry designs. Their creations are enjoyed all over the world by royalty and celebrities, and you’ll be able to appreciate their fine beauty up close.

Sustainability Concerns

There’s been a growing concern for sustainable farming in many industries, and the pearl farming business is no different.

When you choose to book a tour to Phuket Pearl Farm, you can rest assured that you’re supporting a 100-percent sustainable and eco-friendly operation. The people who work for the farm are fully trained in responsible farming practices. In fact, they even go to significant lengths to ensure that their surroundings are protected and properly maintained.

By supporting their business, your money will go towards providing much-needed livelihood to locals as well as furthering the research and environmental efforts that take place within the farm. It’s ultimately a three-way win that benefits you, the locals, and the natural surroundings of Phuket.


Phuket Pearl Farm is an institution in itself. The family-owned business is the only of its kind on the island, and it’s been around for 40 years. You can take part of that rich history by simply lending your support. If sustainable and mindful traveling is a big priority for you, then you’ll definitely appreciate a visit to this one-of-a-kind destination.

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