Unique Places to Visit When in Phuket

Unique Places to Visit When in Phuket

Phuket is an island brimming with breathtaking views and oceans as clear as the blue sky. For various reasons, Phuket has attracted millions of tourists over the years and continues to do so. The gorgeous environment makes for a great tourist destination that doesn’t fail to impress the eyes, even those of the locals.

The island of Phuket welcomes tourists with satisfaction and comfort. The many attractions and excursions that are available for tourists, whether first-time or returning ones, make their trip enjoyable and memorable. Even so, doing the same things and repeatedly visiting the same places can end up being boring over time.

If you want to breathe new life to your Phuket adventure, consider visiting these unique places that the island is proud of:

Phang Nga Bay

One of the tourist attractions of Phuket is Phang Nga Bay, and visitors typically head to this destination by bus. Phang Nga Bay is filled with beautiful limestone caves and cliffs that can easily enchant tourists through the marvelous rock formations accompanied by the brilliant shine of the limestones.

Old Phuket Town

Within Phuket’s capital city lies a gem of scenery filled with stunning architectural designs that visually tell a history. Old Phuket Town is a dream destination for people who want to feel like Indiana Jones for a while and live their archaeological fantasies. For others, Old Phuket Town can still be an interesting tourist attraction with the presence of various establishments, such as cafes, restaurants, antique shops, souvenir boutiques, and more.

Old Phuket Town is also filled with colorful buildings and houses that are emphasized by sunshine during the day. At night, the town is illuminated by the bright lights from the street vendors, making Old Phuket Town a truly Instagrammable destination.

Natural Restaurant

A memorable Thailand visit would not be complete without experiencing authentic Thai cuisine. It’s definitely a must-try, even if you’re not too familiar with the dishes. However, it can be tricky to find authentic Thai cuisine in Phuket. Other visitors even say that they had no luck finding a good Thai restaurant after hours of searching!

So now, we’re here to tell you about Natural Restaurant! Outside, the establishment looks like a normal nipa-hut cafeteria that serves typical restaurant food. When you do step inside, you’re bound to be surprised as Natural Restaurant welcomes you with an amazing display of wood and flora.

The beautifully designed ambiance will surely entice you to stay and explore further. When you finally let yourself off guard, the aroma of the food coming from the kitchen will make it almost impossible to turn back as it hints a wide array of palatable dishes waiting for your taste buds to try.


After spending some time and enjoying a nice meal at Natural Restaurant, nothing is better than slowing down as the day permits and spend a relaxing time back at your villa. A good amount of rest and some laidback activity will keep you entertained while the day starts to conclude, keeping you prepared and energized for your adventure the next day.

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