Houses For Sale In Phuket – Why Buy A Pool Villa In Phuket

why invest in a property in thailand - reasons to buy a pool villa in phuket

Are you thinking of buying a property in Thailand? Or maybe you’re considering buying a house in Phuket? Maybe the rhythm of life in Phuket appeals to you, the resorts, the nightlife, the city, and the beaches, all nestled on the shores of the Andaman sea. That’s quite a lot of questions, isn’t it? The hardest question of all is making the right decision when it comes to which type of property to buy and to answer it, first you must consider its purpose. Are you looking for an investment or are you looking for a home?

Either way, whether you are looking to invest in real estate or whether you’re looking for a place to live, it’s always good to have in the back of your mind that long term, the property you choose should be a safe investment.. If you’ve settled on Thailand as the place to be, Phuket offers both great investment potential and an amazing place to live. Buying a property in Phuket is a sound investment either way as there is always demand for good quality properties on the island. Not only does Phuket have a large expat community, many of whom opt for long-term rental instead of purchasing, but the short term rental market for tourism is also particularly strong..

Villas in the traditional style.

These properties are generally to be found in the middle of the island. They are, on the whole, older buildings which have been renovated, usually to a high standard. Because of their age, they often come with mature gardens and green spaces and are more often than not located near good amenities such as shops, etc.

Pool Villas.

These are at the deluxe end of the scale. As the name suggests they come with their own private pool and are usually built to a very high standard, they vary in size and can have any number of bedrooms and outside spaces such as patios, garden BBQ areas etc. The Rolls Royce of the pool villa.

Semi-detached villas.

Joined on one side, these properties are often described as townhouses and come with small but attractive gardens, they are usually found within residential communities, often gated. They often have access to a shared pool as opposed to having one of their own.

Why you should buy a pool villa in thailand - pool villa for sale phuket - riverhouse

Five Main Reasons Why a Pool Villa is a Better Investment

If you are looking for a house for sale in Phuket, here are five reasons why you should consider buying a pool villa in Phuket, including a few reasons why purchasing a pool villa is a better real estate investment opportunity.

1. Having some land

It’s a well known fact among investors that land is one of the safest long term investments that can be made, Pool villas are built on larger plots and so come with more land. They are, therefore, always a better investment than villas with no pool..

2. A house is generally easier to sell than a condo

Just as you have found while searching for your sound investment property, Pool Villas are much more sought after than condos as there are fewer of them, and their scarcity value adds to their resale value. The reasons for you seeking to buy one will still stand in the future when you come to sell.

3. Rental returns

Travellers and long term renters alike are far more likely to be looking to rent a place with a pool. Pool properties can therefore fetch a much higher rental rate than those without a pool, especially if they are in an amazing location. It’s no coincidence that properties with pools are on the market for a much shorter period of time than those without.

4. Privacy and spacious accommodation

If lockdowns during Covid taught us anything, it’s the value of space. Many people were cooped-up in small accommodation with no outside space, we all felt claustrophobic in one way or another during that time. A spacious property, with a living area, dining area, kitchen and the privacy of a good, privately enclosed outdoor area has become high on many people’s wish list for this reason. Also, having the freedom away from the rules and regulations of the housing associations involved with condos and apartments is a great benefit to owning a pool villa, the freedom to entertain family and friends without restrictions is a great advantage.

5. High resale value

The initial outlay on a pool villa is, indeed, higher. However, they also have a much higher resale value and so you will definitely reap much more than you invest. In addition to this, the fact that they are far more spacious than apartments means that there is always the option to rent out the extra, unused space should you need to do so.

1. Resale Second Hand Properties In Phuket

A resale property in Phuket can mean several things. Sometimes it can mean a property which has been refurbished for resale, these properties are often as good as new and can be quite a find. It can also mean a house which is still under construction but is being sold on by the purchaser rather than a developer, usually to free up some funds. As long as you know what to look for, these properties can be excellent value, especially in the current economic climate..

2. Brand New Houses For Sale In Phuket

These are properties which have been built and completed and are ready to be sold by the developer. For some people this is the perfect property type as it gives them the opportunity to add their own personal design requirements to interiors, whether the property is for rental or to live in.

3. Off-Plan Villa Developments

Buying off-plan is one of the best real-estate investments there is. Developers offer great discount prices initially, which go up as the building work progresses. Getting in early means you get the best deal, but also means you can sell on at any point should you wish to. In addition, buying off-plan gives you the best opportunity to make alterations to floor plans to fully suit your requirements. The one thing to say about buying this type of property is that thorough research should be done first and you should only deal with reputable developers.

4. Investment Villa Developments In Phuket

This is the most common type of property available in Phuket, Mostf properties will have stipulations attached to them and there will be a compulsory rental program with guaranteed returns for a fixed period, usually about 5%-8% over one to six years. There will be a fixed number of days of usage allowable for the owner which again can vary, usually between 45 to 60 days. These ROI programs are commonplace due to the demand in Phuket as a tourist destination.

These properties are invariably sold off-plan or partly built. A deposit secures the reservation of the property which is then withdrawn from the market. After a short period for the legalities to take place, payments are made as the building process continues.


If you’re among the many people who have fallen in love with Phuket and come back year after year, maybe it’s about time to invest in a property here. Not only would you save on accommodation whilst you’re here but you would also earn a passive income in your absence. In addition, a good quality property purchased on the island is a sound investment for your future. And by looking for properties which are 100% powered by solar energy, you’ll be future-proofing yourself in more ways than one.