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A smart grid is an electricity network that monitors and manages the transport of electricity from all generation sources in order to meet the varying electricity demands of end users.

Buying Property in Phuket: Maximizing Investment Returns

Buying Property in Phuket - Maximizing Investment Returns & Rental Property Opportunities - riverhouse phuket

If you’re looking to invest in property in Phuket, you’ve come to the right place. In this property guide, we’ll provide you with all the necessary information to help you make the most out of your investment. We’ll take a closer look at how to maximize investment returns and…

Solar Panels In Thailand: Can Boost Your Rental Property’s Value

Solar Panels in Thailand and its impact on Rental Property Value in Thailand - riverhouse phuket

Solar panels are gaining popularity and have become the most common renewable source of energy. But do solar panels improve rental property value? If you’re a property owner we assume that the same thought might be going through your mind. In this blog, our property experts talk about everything related to solar panels when it comes to rental properties.

Advantages & Disadvantages of Smart Grid Technology

Smart Grid Property For Sale In Phuket - Solar Powered Villas In Phuket Thailand - RIVERHOUSE

Smart technology has brought about a revolution in pretty much every aspect of modern living. We have smartphones, smart TVs, smart meters; and now we see the impact it’s having on green energy production. Smart grids are causing a stir when it comes to renewable energy with automated systems enabling huge steps forward in stabilizing, planning, and coordinating production and consumption to maximize the energy produced and minimize the energy consumed. We’ve looked at some of the benefits for you.

Can A House Run On Solar Power Alone In Thailand?

Can A House Run On Solar Power Alone In Thailand - riverhouse phuket solar powered homes phuket

Whether it’s for economic reasons, ecological reasons, or both, getting 100% of your electricity from your own renewable energy source can be powerful. It can make a measurable impact on the environment by keeping CO2 out of the atmosphere. Not to mention the substantial amount of money it can truly save if your house runs solely on solar power. But can solar energy power an entire house in Thailand?

Top 10 Off-Grid Properties Around The World

Every day developers around the world are looking for ways to keep their real estate development off the grid and energy-efficient. While there are more and more properties around the world incorporating solar energies, not all are integrating smart grid technology to their circuit. Here we will showcase the world’s top 10 off-grid developments.

6 Essential Benefits of Residential Solar Energy

Solar energy is gaining so much popularity these days that many homeowners are switching to this type of energy source. Solar energy has shown a significant reduction in electricity bills, lower carbon footprint, and higher property values. The downside to this that makes some homeowners hesitate is that it can be costly upfront, and it […]

The Role of Alternative Energy Sources in Sustainable Tourism

The Role of Alternative Energy Sources in Sustainable Tourism

It’s estimated that close to 10 million tourists visit the island of Phuket each year. That’s undoubtedly a large number and leads us to wonder whether or not such a high number of visitors has a negative impact on the local environment, particularly in regards to the consumption of fossil fuels on the island. In […]

Our Guide to Energy Efficicent Homes in Phuket – What to Know

In recent years, the importance of energy efficiency in homes is increasing by the minute as it provides a plethora of benefits for the owners and the environment. It is now an essential feature to consider when purchasing a property – from having proper insulation with the correct installation of walls, roofs, window treatments, down […]