Phuket Upcoming Prime Location In 2022

Phuket Upcoming Prime Location In 2022 - Best Areas To Invest & Buy Properties In Phuket

Upcoming Prime Locations In Phuket – Best Areas To Invest & Buy Properties In Phuket 

Phuket’s prime locations are always in constant change, back in the 2010s the millionaire miles in Kamala and Surin beach was Phuket’s prime location. But since 2021 this has changed a lot since many of the businesses had to close down, beachfront restaurants were taken away and several businesses moved to other locations. So where is Phuket’s new upcoming prime location? Which are the best areas to buy properties in Phuket for investment opportunities?

What Is Phuket Like After 2020?

A lot has happened not just in Phuket but worldwide since the 2020 pandemic. Our daily routines have changed, our lifestyle has changed, and our needs and requirements have adjusted. Which naturally has also reshaped a lot of things around the world, and Phuket was no different. With tourism as Phuket’s number one source of income when the pandemic hit and the city went into lockdown a lot of the prime locations became ghost towns. But as things started to reactivate and businesses started to resume, they had to move their business locations to wherever there was demand and traffic. These 3 main sought-after locations were: Phuket Town, Chalong / Rawaii & Laguna Area.

Phuket was the first to introduce the Sandbox Program, which allows international travelers to enter Thailand through Phuket. The main purpose of this program is to slowly generate revenue and revitalize the tourism industry in the region. It took a while for the flow of money to become as consistent as it used to be, although it is not as high as it was during the pre-pandemic. In the beginning, more than 14,000 tourists successfully participated in the sandbox program. In April 2022, there were about 293,330 tourists enjoying island life in Phuket.

Which Is The Upcoming Prime Location In Phuket

While there are different areas in Phuket that everyone can enjoy. Some of the most popular beaches are Kata, Patong, Chalong, Rawai, Surin and many others. And of all the places in Phuket, there is one area, in particular, that is on the rise in terms of facilities and other infrastructures: Laguna.

Laguna / Cherngtalay Phuket

Its’ close proximity to Phuket’s three main beaches (Surin beach, Bangtao beach, and Layan beach) makes it a perfect location for different types of businesses. Within 10 minute drive from Laguna / Cherngtalay, you’ll find Bangtao Beach. Famous for its luxury travel experience and several leisure activities such as horseback riding, mini-golf, and beach clubs. Some of the main reasons why everyone loves this area so much. And a short 5-10 minute drive up north from Cherngtalay is Layan beach. An authentic tropical pine tree paradise and fantastic for water activities such as kayaking, snorkeling, or SUP boarding.

By 2022, many of these businesses from Surin Beach had to move to Boat Avenue in Laguna / Cherngtalay. Various infrastructures such as shopping centers, wellness centers, water parks and many restaurants have recently relocated here. Making Cherngtalay, one of the most popular destinations for anyone looking to stay in Phuket.

With so much in the development for Cherngtalay / Laguna area, it can be foreseen that within a year the property value and demand for this area will increase. There are more and more investors willing to participate in Laguna’s future projects, as there are promising predictions about how tourism and the financial industry will help this place become the best choice for investment opportunities as well as one of the best areas to live in Phuket.

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