5 Tips to Plan Your Phuket Getaway Away from Crowds

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Being one of the largest islands in Thailand, Phuket is flocked by millions of travelers every year. To see the island outside its tourist hotspots, you need to travel off the beaten track. However, the crowds are not all bad; you can also benefit from being in a busy environment.

But if you do want to spend your vacation without fighting the crowds for the best views, here are a few ways to escape the crowds in Phuket.

1) Don’t Book Flights in High Season

If you want to avoid the crowds in Phuket, you should avoid traveling during the high season and book your air travel well in advance. Phuket is one of the most visited places in Thailand, but it is also dependent on the tides during the high season.

The high season of Phuket is during the months after the New Year, during Songkran, and between November and February, when there are no strong typhoons. Some of the most recommended months to travel to Phuket include the months of May, June, September, and October.

2) Join Tours with Smaller Groups

Instead of booking a hotel or resort, you can consider joining a tour when you visit Phuket. You will be able to get insight into places that are not as seen in the travel guides.

Travel with smaller groups because of the personal touch that comes with smaller groups.

Tours with bigger groups can be limited to the things that the leader wants to show you, and it can be hard to get off the group’s schedule and detour around the hidden gems of Phuket.

3) Wake up Early to Enjoy Off-Peak Hours

Travelers who wake up early will be able to avoid the crowds at the beaches in Phuket. Usually, the best time to explore the island is in the early morning hours. This is because the huge crowds usually begin to arrive around 9 AM.

The skies are filled with seabirds as they soar in their search for fish. It is also a good time to visit local caves and beaches.

4) Know Which Beaches Attract More Tourists

The beaches of Phuket attract tourists from all over the world, and it can be hard to get a private beach for you to enjoy Phuket on your own. Instead of spending your whole vacation on a crowded beach, you can consider visiting some of the top beaches during the low season.

The beaches of Kamala, Kata Noi, Karon, and Ra Wai attract crowds of tourists from the whole world, and thus a private beach is not easy to find.

5) Get Off the Beaten Path and Enjoy Your Private Phuket Beach

Instead of joining tour groups, you can travel off the beaten path. This can be done by going to Phuket by taxi.

As mentioned earlier, the crowds of tourists flock to the beaches of Phuket in the high season, and one way to get away from them is to visit Phuket in the low season.


Visitors can enjoy a Phuket getaway without the crowds if they choose to go to the island outside of the high season and are willing to get off the beaten track.

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