4 Ways You Can Be an Eco-Responsible Traveler in Thailand

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Over the last six years, Thailand has received an average of 30.4 million tourists. With this many tourists visiting various beaches, bays, nature parks, and the like, conserving Thailand’s natural beauty can be a challenge.

How can you be a responsible, eco-friendly traveler while still enjoying your trip to Thailand to the fullest? Here are some things you can consider doing on your next vacation.

Plan the Rejuvenation Efforts

Many places in Thailand have received great international attention because of Hollywood films and social media. It caused a surge in crowds exploring the area that unfortunately resulted in a great disturbance in the ecosystem.

The Thai government decided to close off some well-known tourist attractions.  Places like Maya Bay are closed until 2022 to clear the pollution and help the ecosystem recover.

  • What to Do: When planning your trip to Thailand, make sure to research beforehand and skip areas that are still healing. Thailand has many magnificent destinations. You just have to think outside of the box to find them.

Do Not Smoke in Beaches

Thai beaches are among the most gorgeous in the world. However, cigarette butts have invaded the coastline. The reckless discarding of cigarette butts in the sand amounted to .76 cigarette butts per square meter or 101,058 cigarette waste.

The government issued a smoking ban on Thailand’s popular beaches to address the issue. This list includes Cha-am, Chon Buri, Hua Hin, Krabi, Phang-nga, Phuket, Rayong, Samui, Trang, and Trat.

  • What to Do: Resist the urge to smoke on Thai beaches.  If you cannot stop your desire to smoke, check with your accommodations if there are smoking areas available. Do not try to sneak your cigarettes into non-designated smoking areas because it will cause you a lot of headaches.

Avoid Bringing Styrofoam and Plastic to the Beach

Other major pollutants in beaches and nature parks are foams and plastics. According to studies, about 51,000 tons of plastic are polluting Thailand’s coastlines, killing wildlife, suffocating water plants, and devastating the ecosystem.

A no plastic and foam initiative in all national and regional parks across the country started in 2018 to address the problem. In 2020, the Thai government leveled up their solution and banned all single-use plastic in all stores in Thailand.

  • What to Do: Discard your refuse in the right receptacle and bring your reusable bags everywhere. You can take your grocery tote you have always used at home or buy one locally. The tote you purchase will help secure your purchases around and be your souvenir.

Stay in an Eco-Friendly Villa

Most hotels in Thailand’s popular destinations are older, putting them at a disadvantage since they are bound to use more energy and create a larger environmental impact. However, this is not to say that all newer accommodations are automatically sustainable. A sustainable place to stay is one that makes an effort to minimize carbon footprint.

The steps the Thai government is taking to make hotels more sustainable are unclear. However, moves to make the hotel industry come from ASEAN and the creation of the Green Hotel Standard and other non-governmental organizations. They serve as watchdogs to hold the hotel industry accountable.

  • What to Do: Book an eco-friendly villa to rest your weary head when you visit Thailand. Not only will you be supporting sustainable accommodations, but you will also experience all the conveniences of modern-day living without harming the environment.


Thailand is a wonderful tourist destination that offers lush greeneries, beautiful beaches, and crystal clear waters. But to keep these attractions healthy for generations to come, becoming responsible travelers is a must.

It is simple to have fun on your Thai adventure while remaining responsible. You just have to plan rejuvenation efforts, not smoke in the undesignated areas on beaches, bring your reusable bag around, and book your stay in an eco-friendly villa in advance.

The Riverhouse Phuket offers eco-friendly villas in Phuket that highlight the balance between modern sensibilities and eco-consciousness. Book your stay in one of our award-winning environmentally-sound properties today!

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