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Phuket is a great place to bask under the sun, shop until you drop, and experience activities that can get your blood pumping. When you want to take from all the excitement, get to know Phuket’s wild side—wildlife side, that is.
Here are some of the best and most sustainable destinations that Phuket has to offer.

Meet Unforgettable Friends at the Elephant Sanctuary
Located in twelve acres of protected jungle, Phuket’s Elephant Sanctuary is home to old, sick, and retired elephants. No chains, saddles, cages, and forced tricks. Elephants are left to freely roam and live the rest of their lives in peace.
How to Get the Full Experience: Wear clothes that you have no problem getting dirty, bring extras to make sure you’ll go home relatively dry, and sign up for a visit tour. Take care of the elephants for a few hours with the help of an experienced guide. You will be put to work preparing their food, feeding them, and bathing them in the lagoon. It sounds awesome, right?

Witness Baby Turtles Go Home on Mai Khao Beach
Mai Khao Beach is a place of magnificent natural beauty sitting on Phuket’s north-western coast. The beach, with its crystal-clear waters and fine sand, is also a protected nesting ground for sea turtles.
How to Get the Full Experience: Schedule your visit during the Songkran festival and watch as Mai Khao Marine Foundation releases hatchlings, letting them make their way to the water. You may also want to bring extra clothes in a dry bag because you might get caught in the crossfire of the water festival along the way.

Experience Tranquility on Koh Yao Noi
When you’re looking for a scenic spot to get your mind off the hustle and bustle, Koh Yao Noi is the place for you. Located on the island off of Phuket’s east coast, Koh Yao Noi is home to beautiful beaches, lush agricultural lands, and mystic mangrove forests.
How to Get the Full Experience: Take a walk on one of its sandy beaches, go on a calm boat ride to Phang Nga Bay, or ride a bike through the rice paddies. If doing those is not enough to soothe your spirit, go on one of Koh Yao Noi’s yoga retreats.

Kayak to Bliss in Phang Nga Bay
Find happiness with the waves as you explore Phang Nga Bay. Situated north of Phuket, Phang Nga Bay is home to a group of picture-perfect limestone islands that you just have to photograph.
How to Get the Full Experience: Go on a nice long-boat ride early in the day to soak in the sun while avoiding the crowd. Stop by a sea kayak station and take an eco-kayak ride to explore the caves and say hello to the sea life.

Relax in an Eco-Friendly Villa in Riverhouse Phuket
Let your body and soul recoup from all the day’s amusement at a gorgeous loft-style villa at the Riverhouse Phuket. Despite having all the comforts of modern-day living, Riverhouse Phuket is the perfect model of sustainable living.
How to Get the Full Experience: Book your villa before winter to avoid the rush and ensure that you’ll get a reservation. Bring your loveliest swimsuits and sunglasses because aside from being comfortable and welcoming, the villas are great for photos.

Phuket is a place that offers something for everyone. Whether you’re a free spirit who likes enjoyment or you’re a nature-lover who wants to soak in nature’s beauty, there is an activity for you. It’s only a matter of planning beforehand and occasionally mixing things up to get the whole Phuket experience.
The Riverhouse Phuket features eco-friendly villas in Phuket that combine modern design with eco-conscious sensibilities. Every loft-style villa is set in a serene mountain with panoramic views and uses renewable energy, allowing you to experience comfort without sacrificing the planet. Contact us today and experience a new and more sustainable Phuket!

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