How to Avoid Tourist Crowds in Phuket and Still Have Fun

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Tourist crowds have always been annoying, whether you’re traveling locally or to another country. Getting caught in the middle of sweaty tourists in Phuket with the sun beating down on you is not an ideal scenario for a dream getaway. It’s a chore to navigate your way around crowds before, but it’s an especially necessary skill nowadays.

Booking a vacation to another country after feeling cooped up indoors for nearly two years is good for your mental health. However, that also means you need to be extra careful with your interactions with people. While countries are beginning to open their doors to tourists once again, the global pandemic is still at an alarming state.

You might think that avoiding tourist crowds means you will miss out on all the amazing spots in Phuket, but the following recommendations will get you pumped up to get a vacation asap.

Avoid Peak Season When Planning Your Vacation

Peak season in Phuket usually falls from November to March. This is when the colder weather in the northern hemisphere leads people to escape the snow to enjoy sunny beaches. Since these months contain the highest volume of vacationers, book dates within the low season instead—from May to October—to avoid large tourist crowds.


Aside from being the busiest, these peak months are also the most expensive. This is why staying away from these dates lets you get much cheaper deals for hotels and restaurants. During these times, it will be bright and sunny with a slight risk of rain, so be sure to bring proper rain gear.

Rise with the Sun

Aside from the fact that you can maximize the hours of your vacation days, you will also avoid people ruining your photos or videos of the sites. This is a huge advantage when going to destinations like the Big Buddha statue as the first guests to arrive. Waking up early will also give you the hack of beating the heat as you walk to the top of the site or spend some wonderful time on the beaches.


When you have plans of chartering a boat to make the most of your time in paradise, doing it in the early morning is the best move. It allows you to get some peace and the freedom to just take all the beauty in as the day starts before the crowds start to flock.

Look for Niche Tours According to Your Interests

Joining niche tours such as the Culture Trip assures you that you will get an authentic experience as you explore Southern Thailand. The best thing about this decision is you will be a small group who most likely share your curiosity about different cultures.


One of the places you can explore is Ao Yon Bay, located in a peaceful corner in Southern Phuket. It is one of the many off-the-beaten-track destinations that offers two unspoiled sandy beaches.

Another is Khao Sok Lake, a wide body of emerald-green water three hours north of Phuket. It is surrounded by dense rainforest and limestone formations in a national park.

Go beyond the Beaches and Try Diving!

Diving the deep waters takes you to another world. You will swim with turtles and sharks, admire beautiful corals in close proximity, and explore many more underwater wonders. You will love spending quality and peaceful time in the great dive spots in and around Phuket.


If you haven’t tried diving before, you can get certified in the many dive shops in Phuket.


Don’t let the fear of tourist crowds stop you from getting that long overdue vacation. You will always find ways to safely explore Phuket and have the time of your life.

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