Experience Kayaking in Phuket 9 Best Locations to Try!

Kayaking is a terrific way to get away from it all in Phuket. With a wide range of locations to enjoy the unique sights of the land and sea, you’ll have plenty of options when planning your itinerary. Here and some of the best places to go kayaking in the area:

1. Mangrove Channels Phuket

Tourists may hire kayaks here for recreational purposes or to go on eco-adventure trips. Additionally, tandem kayaking is great if you want to capture the beauty of these lush green mangroves on film. At any time of year, you may go kayaking through this mangrove forest.

2. Patong Beach

Due to the shallow and translucent nature of the seawater at Patong Beach in Thailand, kayaking in these seas offers a unique experience. Moreover, it is a beautiful beach that receives a large number of people throughout the year. If you prefer night kayaking and staring up at the night sky filled with stars, summer is the perfect time to visit.

3. James Bond Island

The island of Phuket in Thailand served as the location for filming “Man with the Golden Gun.” Since this island has been untouched by civilization, kayaking and exploring the secret isles is the perfect activity for couples looking for some privacy and quiet. With magnificent limestone karsts in the backdrop, this is an excellent site for photography.

4. Phang Nga Bay National Park

With 42 tiny islands inside this national reserve territory, it’s made up of limestone tunnels and hidden islands that make up the landscape. Taking a kayak tour with a local guide is the most effective method to view the region.

5. Phi Phi Island

Aside from the white sand beaches and limestone karsts, there are several more things to see and do on the island. This secluded island is perfect for couples who want to relax in the sun and have a refreshing bath in the crystal-clear lake. A day tour is the best way to explore the island’s waterways and get a true sense of what it has to offer.

6. Raya Noi

This is a small island located south of Phuket Island. Kayaking is a popular way to explore this island’s shallow seas. Taking a guided water sports trip is the most fantastic way to experience kayaking in this area. This is also a coral island where you may go kayaking to observe underwater marine life.

7. Phuk Lagoons

Although there are no big rivers on Phuket Island, the Phuk lagoon serves as one of the most vital waterways to Panak Island. During your journey, you’ll travel through sea caves and roach out into the sea. If you are arriving as part of an organized adventure excursion, you may choose to relax at the restaurant and beach on Lawa Island.

8. Yao Noi Island

The ideal time for this kayaking excursion from Phuket is between December and March. During this time, the waters will be calm during your extended journey, and the skies will be evident as you kayak into the wilderness. Yao Noi has a diverse assortment of tourism attractions and services to offer visitors. You’ll get to travel 46 kilometers up and down the Andaman Sea, from north to south.

9. Yanui Beach

When kayaking and exploring the island’s coastline from the water, it is possible to experience Phuket’s natural grandeur at its finest. Kayaking will lead you to an abundance of white sand beaches scattered throughout this uneven shoreline. Paddleboard and kayak rentals are available directly on the beach. Because of the limited number of people on this beach, honeymooners may be able to enjoy a great deal of tranquility.


These spots on Phuket Island are suitable for sightseeing and kayaking excursions, as well as other activities. If you have the chance to visit these locations as part of a workgroup or as part of a vacation, there is never the wrong time to go.

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