Interesting Markets That Shouldn’t Be Missed in Phuket

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Phuket is one of the most beloved tourist destinations in the whole world. Thailand’s biggest island has a slew of amazing shopping centers and countless restaurants. More than both of those things, however, the island boasts an incredible array of markets which contributes to the place’s very soul. It ranges anywhere from vintage flea markets all the way to nighttime bazaars.

Read on to learn more about the markets you shouldn’t miss.

Chillva Market

If you’re trying to be fresh, hip, and “in” with the youth, this is the market for you. Chillva Market is a modern, stylish market that’s distinctive thanks to its white-tented stalls. Chillva Market has endless treasures and shipping-container shops.

Found on Yarowat Road in the direction of Phuket Town, the full market is open Thursday to Saturday from 4PM to 11PM. The shipping container shops, on the other hand, are open every day. There are no counterfeit goods here, just fashionable, local brands with clothing and accessories. The prices for everything are all local.

Some of the containers have small bars and restaurants, too. However, the best food choices are spread out, including the market itself. There are fried bugs with a considerable crunch all the way to delectable desserts. A lot of live music is usually involved as well, giving everyone the perfect backdrop as they eat and shop.

Malin Plaza

This daily market is found in the midst of lively Patong. It has repurposed shipping containers, tabletop stalls, and more. For the rainy season, a good part of it is found under a metal roof. Aside from goods that tourists will delight in, many authentic Thai products are available as well. It has wooden carvings, silk scarves, and more.

Phuket Walking Street

This market is found in a gorgeous vintage building in Phuket’s Old Town. Typically, it’s known as “talat yai”, or a big market. Southern Thai local cuisine is available and should absolutely be tried. It’s a Sunday night market available weekly, which brings in droves of both locals and travelers. Look out for the horseshoe crab in particular, which has a very interesting look and an immense taste.

The market is preferred by many when it comes to souvenirs. Goods that can be found there include a number of varying trinkets, handicrafts, and clothes.

Phuket Weekend Market

Also referred to as Naka Market, this is reminiscent of the Chatuchak Market in Bangkok. Anything and everything under the sun can be found in this voluminous market. Clothes that are new and secondhand, gifts, souvenirs, and numerous electronics. There are even pets and animals!

When it comes to food, there’s a wide range available here as well. Classic Thai street food and even stinky durian fruit can be found here. A good rule of thumb is to eat while shopping, since the tables tend to fill up pretty quickly.


Thailand’s biggest island, Phuket, is a beloved tourist destination all over the world. It has many restaurants, shopping centers, and incredibly popular markets. Don’t miss Phuket Walking Street, Malin Plaza, and the Phuket Weekend Market.

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