Why Property Buying in Phuket Is Profitable Amid a Pandemic

The pandemic has shifted so many markets all across the globe. Places like Phuket in Thailand weren’t immune, as the economic changes had also reached this prime tourist spot in Southeast Asia. However, with those sudden alterations taking place, certain opportunities have also opened up for so many people.

For one, the property market has become much more attractive for buyers to compensate for the lack of movements as of lately. This is great for so many investors who are searching for a stable venture to invest in. A villa property in Phuket is sure to bring forth many benefits. It wouldn’t just be a rest house, but a profitable venture as well.

Wondering why you should purchase a property in Phuket during the pandemic? Here are four convincing reasons to keep in mind:

Lower Property Price Tags

The regular prices in the Phuket property may be a little hard to cover, but the pandemic has caused those numbers to drop significantly. The money you save from buying a Phuket property for a lower price can account for such a great deal.

Use that extra cash to pay for local services to better the landscape of the property or advertise the property for rental when you aren’t there. By improving and marketing the place, you optimize your profit further in the future.

Future Increase in Tourism

Foreign investors may start to question how there’d be any profit during a pandemic, but do keep in mind that Phuket is one of the most visited destinations in Southeast Asia. As Thailand slowly recovers, there’s no doubt that tourists will be coming and looking for a place to stay.

Plus, you can slowly increase the rental rates as demand for accommodation slowly comes back. Buying the property may not have instant gratification, but placing your bets on it as an investment will surely give you a lot to work with in the future.

Much Looser Negotiations

Negotiating with businesses to get a property will be much easier for investors as the housing market is opening its doors further than ever before. Take caution with who you’ll speak to and strike a deal with in the future to avoid wasting your hard-earned money.

Do keep in mind as well that foreigners will still have to abide by a number of regulations. When it comes to getting a villa and having control over that property, you can register it under your own name. Owning land in itself is off-limits, though.

Fewer Competitors

As Phuket is a location that is constantly progressing, it’s becoming more modern and well-suited for so many individuals. These new developments pique the interest of plenty of investors, as they understand that there will be new and repeat visitors who are coming.

However, due to the pandemic, many figures have been withdrawn from making any moves at all out of cautiousness or depleted funds. It’s best to only purchase and invest when there’s a guaranteed return on investment, but that’s what property in Phuket promises to deliver.


If you’re in need of a short answer, buying a property in Phuket would improve and generate long-term profit. Take advantage of the current property market’s landscape and invest for the future.

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