The Beauty of Phuket Understanding Its Popularity and Roots

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Many people often go abroad to spend some time unwind or relax. It’s a good idea too because taking a vacation abroad is a surefire way to be temporarily disconnected from anyone you know or your responsibilities, such as work.

Unbeknown to many people who like traveling for a vacation, the island of Phuket in Thailand is a good vacation spot. While some travelers choose to go here, the volume of tourists visiting Phuket still doesn’t compare to more popular locations such as Europe and other Asian countries, such as South Korea and Japan.

Despite this, Phuket remains one of the more popular tourist destinations in Thailand. After all, it boasts beautiful beaches with beautiful sunsets to boot. Aside from that, the nightlife in Phuket is also thriving. Add to that the warm climate and friendly people, the island is the perfect place to take a break.

The question remains—why does Phuket remain a good tourist destination? In this article, we’ll shed light on the matter. Below is an overview of different periods that shaped Phuket to be a tourism powerhouse:

Digging Deep Into Rich History

#1: Trading Post and Manufacturing

Like most countries in the world, Phuket also has its fair share of history to boast about. In the past, Phuket was a well-known trading post with other cultures taking the time to go here as well. These include Arabs, Malays, Indians, and the Chinese, to name a few.

By the 15th century, Phuket became a well-known source of tin and aluminum, which established its reputation even more. This continued over to the 16th century.

#2: The Failed Burmese Invasion of 1785

One of the more morbid events in Phuket’s history, the failed Burmese Attack in 1785, happened. If you’re asking why it was a failed invasion, it was all thanks to Than Pung Ying Jan and her sister Mook.

The method they used to repel the invasion was pretty straightforward: they posed as male warriors. Even now, these two women are still revered, with a monument to them sitting in the Tha Rua intersection, which is not too far from Phuket itself.

Rise in Tourism

Soon enough, tourism began to take root in Phuket. Tourists started to flood in from other countries, which is even helped by the 1967 construction of the Sarasin Bridge. It’s a massive bridge that allows tourists and residents alike to reach the neighboring areas easier.

Disaster Strikes

In 2004, a Tsunami hit Phuket, and many people were devastated, with some even dying and suffering significant injuries. The tsunami ravaged much of Phuket’s western coast, where most prominent tourist spots were located. However, the residents of Phuket soon organized and helped each other to rebuild everything.

In turn, it only took a little time for Phuket to become open to tourists again. While it’s a scary event in Phuket’s history, signs that point to the disaster became lost over time, with some going so far as rarely seen nowadays.


While Phuket can be an underrated tourist destination, it certainly has a lot to offer. If you’re into history from other countries or just want to have a good time away from everything, Phuket is the place for you.

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