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Thailand tends to be one of the considered countries to relocate to for many reasons. Aside from the all-year-round sunny weather, you also get to enjoy delicious Thai food, and have convenient access to modern conveniences. Not to mention amazing cities to live in like Phuket, where you can find a balanced lifestyle between island life and city life. From soft-sandy beaches and clear blue sea to stunning waterfalls and a relaxed lifestyle, what’s not to like? With all the above mentioned, moving to Thailand seems to be a fantastic choice. Everything you would need to look into and consider before moving to Thailand.

Relocating to Thailand – Useful Tips On Moving To Thailand

Since the pandemic hit, Thailand has increasingly become a popular destination to relocate to for living while working abroad. Expats are relocating from Singapore, Hong Kong and Europe to Thailand as more and more companies are open to working remotely from another country. So what do you need to know about relocating to Thailand, and working remotely here in Thailand for a company abroad?