Top 10 Off-Grid Properties Around The World

World’s Most Amazing Off-Grid Smart Homes

Every day developers around the world are looking for ways to keep their real estate development off the grid and energy-efficient. While there are more and more properties around the world incorporating solar energies, not all are integrating smart grid technology to their circuit. Here we will showcase the world’s most amazing off-grid developments.

By definition, being an off-grid development means not being physically hooked up to utilities by wires, pipes or cables. Off-grid homes therefore rely completely on their own energy sources, which can often be renewable energy sources such as the sun and the wind. With the rise in cost of living and the knock on effect on the price of utilities, more and more people are becoming interested in investing in off-grid homes.

Here are the most amazing off-grid smart homes around the world:

1. Anacapa – An Off-Grid Guest House In USA

Location: California, USA

Property type: Off-grid guest house

The Anacapa off-grid guest house exemplifies a successful balance of residential development and ecological preservation. It is perched on one of the last remaining undeveloped coastal areas in California, residing on a wildlife preserve. This off-grid development has preservation and protection of the natural environment at the core of its objectives.

The guest house was designed as completely off-grid out of necessity, as a result of a lack of electricity in this remote area. So, how is this stunning, off-grid development powered? It is solely powered by a photovoltaic energy system. The development includes LED lighting and low-usage appliances which were expertly selected to reduce energy demands and usage. The property also has a private well and its very own water treatment system. Wastewater is directed to a septic tank and dry well. In terms of indoor heating, the development uses a combination of radiant floor heating, cross ventilation from the abundance of operable sliding glass, and an insulating green roof to regulate interior temperatures. A green roof also allows the home to integrate seamlessly with the landscape, while conserving water.


2. Dvele – Asmart & off grid modular home in USA

Location: San Diego, USA

Property type: Modular Home

Starting from: $215,000

The modular home approach to property development involves constructing sections of the home away from the building site before later delivering them to the intended site to complete installation. This particular method of construction over the conventional build has been dictated as having up to 5% less contribution towards global warming. But how exactly is a modular home more environmentally friendly?

Essentially, off-site construction is believed to result in less solid waste being produced; a lower need for transportation energy due to less commuting for workers, as well as trips to suppliers for labourers; reduced material consumption and fewer greenhouse gas emissions.If you are interested in investing in a modular home in San Diego, Dvele offers a wide-array of customizable and modern prefab and fully integrated smart homes that exceed all standards of quality and efficiency. In addition to the significant material waste reduction during their production process and the energy efficiencies that are standard with each of their homes, each Dvele home is complete with a full solar array and battery system that allows them to go off the grid for up to four days.

They also come complete with the DveleIQ software platform – intended to enable automation as well as monitor and control the health of buildings and energy efficiency.


3. The 10 star home – An off grid residential house in australia

Location: Adelaide, Australia

Property type: Residential house

The 10 Star Home is a fine display of ecologically sustainable architecture combined with beautiful design by SUHO. The house is a completely off-grid development and this stunning energy-efficient home is located within Adelaide’s eastern suburbs. 

The 10 Star Home is South Australia’s first and only 10 Star Home – built to the highest sustainability standards and offering the latest in energy efficiency. The 10 Star home features locally sourced materials and utilises a specialised ‘heat recovery system’ to manage ventilation allowing the home to be comfortable year-round. The heat recovery system ensures appropriate room temperatures between 18C – 26C.

In addition, the 10-star home’s modern kitchen is fully equipped with energy-efficient appliances. The home is complete with a 5kw rooftop solar system and 4kw battery, sufficient to run the home with no ongoing energy bills. Outside the home, there is even an EV charging station ready to charge your energy-efficient vehicle.


4. Riverhouse Phuket – Thailand’s First & only Smart Grid Property Development

Location: Phuket – Thailand

Property type: Residential House / Pool Villas

If you are interested in relocating to Thailand or perhaps considering buying a property in Phuket, then you may want to check out what Riverhouse Phuket has to offer. Riverhouse Phuket is Thailand’s first and only off-grid property development. It is an energy-efficient villa development located in a prime upcoming location in Phuket – Cherngtalay. All of Riverhouses pool villas are 100% solar powered, providing FREE renewable energy. You can choose from one of Riverhouses impressive 2-4 bedroom villas to become your next home.

As well as each villa being 100% solar-powered, Riverhouse has even more to be admired as it is possible to go 100% off-grid here with its first-of-its-kind connected solar grid and impressive energy storage solutions. Riverhouse has manufactured a smart grid – joining all villas together and resulting in no energy ever being wasted. Any excess electricity generated is shared within the community of villas through the smart grid. For individual villas, solar energy can also be stored in batteries and used at night to completely power your villa.

In addition, Riverhouse continues to prevail with its efficiency by ensuring fresh water is pumped up and filtered then stored in a network of storage tanks to ensure that future climate related water shortages won’t be an issue for residents. All these features combined make for the ultimate green living experience without compromising on design or comfort.


5. Ecocapsule – An Smart, Self Sustainbable Mobile home in slovakia

Location: Slovakia- Europe

Property type: Residential house

Starting price: $72,000


Ecocapsule, based in Slovakia in Central Europe, is a smart, self-sustainable compact mobile home designed with sustainable living at its core. Ecocapsule utilises solar and wind energy allowing it to be a fully off-grid development as it does not require being plugged into traditional power and water supplies.

Three impressive features which allow for Ecocapsules to make such energy-efficient homes include: high efficiency solar cells to maximise energy production; a low noise wind turbine delivering up to 750W for 24 hours a day and the Ecocapsule’s ability to collect rainwater on its surface and filter it through a water tank due to its unique shape. Ecocapsule ultimately allows you to stay in beautiful, remote places out of reach of infrastructure, with the luxury and comfort of a hotel room. It can become a cottage, pop-up hotel, mobile office, research station or anything that you need it to be.


6. The mountain refuge – An off grid modular home in italy

Location: Italy, Europe

Property type: Modular home

Starting price: $81,000

The Mountain Refuge® is a tiny-house designed by Italian architects Massimo Gnocchi and Paolo Danesi. The project was created in order to create a clever, entirely off-grid system that can deliver hot water, energy, heat, and trash disposal that can be delivered to even the most challenging and beautiful locations. The mountain refuge design is a prefabricated wooden construction system which allows the structure of the development to be modular, ultimately cutting down costs and time and making this the perfect option for an off-grid home.


7. Olive garden paljika – off grid home in croatia

Location: Croatia- Europe

Property type: Cottage

Olive Garden Paljika is another fantastic off-grid home in Europe, situated in an eco-friendly olive grove in Croatia. This home is self-sufficient as well as a completely off-grid and energy plus development.Olive Garden Paljika generates electric energy using the photovoltaic system and additionally stores any excess energy in case of bad weather. All of the appliances are rated as A+++ for energy efficiency, acquiring the most efficient rating; there is LED lighting; waste classification; a water tank used for rainwater collecting and the water from it is used for various purposes including drinking. 


8. Tinos eco lodge – An Eco friendly and off grid accommodation in greece

Location: Greece

Property type: Residential home

If you are in search of an eco-friendly and off-grid accommodation while exploring Greece then check out Tino’s Eco Lodge. Tino’s Eco Lodge caters as an eco-friendly tourism destination on the island of Tinos. Thiss Eco Lodge in Greece is not only off-grid due to the unquestionable ecological benefits but also due to convenience.

The lodge is powered by the photovoltaic system as well as wind generators. The combination of the two different power sources is ideal for providing sufficient energy all year round. The photovoltaic system proves most efficient in the summer months while the wind generators prove more efficient in winter months as solar radiation decreases but wind speed increases. When there is excess energy produced, it is stored in a battery bank where it can be used on days where there is less production.

Additionally, the lodge also proves to be incredibly ecological in its running. As it collects rainwater; treats wastewater for irrigation; grows the majority of their vegetables locally; reduces and recycles garbage. While actively supports environmental causes.


9. Podere Vallescura – An off grid farmhouse in Italy

Location: Italy, Europe

Property type: Farmhouse

Do you fancy spending your vacation off-grid, surrounded by picturesque landscapes and immersed in nature? The Podera Vallescura farmhouse in Italy may be for you. The whole estate is completely disconnected from utilities. Electric and thermal energy are produced and consumed solely on site.

Not only is Podera Vallescura’s energy-efficient approach to be admired, but the architecture of the farmhouse itself is more than impressive with all living spaces derived from restored sections of ancient stone colonial farm houses and renovated according to modern green-building codes. 


10. Out There – An Off grid lodging in the heart of sunshine coats, canada

Location: Canada

Property type: Residential house

Out There offers a totally unique vacation experience with their off-the-grid lodging. Perched on a private island in the heart of Canada’s stunning and unspoiled Sunshine Coast. This is unquestionably the greatest option if you want to live completely off the grid while travelling in Canada!

At Our There, guests can choose between three individually unique types of accommodation including a tent cabin, tree house and yurt room. Each option has their own rustic features, beautiful wilderness setting and outstanding views.

Most importantly, Out There are proud to state that they only use green and eco-friendly amenities including the use of a combination of solar and wind renewable energy systems to power their facilities. Other facilities include composting toilets which eventually fuel their organic kitchen gardens and an engineered system which supplies a combination of rainwater collection and solar powered, gravity fed water from their island well up. This water then comes out of the taps as natural filtered and drinkable water. Out There’s impressive renewable energy operation as well as its unique location, makes it the perfect ecological escape.