3 Must-Do Things to Experience the Authentic Phuket Culture

3 Must-Do Things to Experience the Authentic Phuket Culture

Phuket is one of the most beautiful places in the world, not just because of the fabulous white-sand beaches and spectacular views, but also because of the people. As a tourist, it’s not enough to say you’ve experienced Thailand by wading on a beach, but you must also experience the authentic Phuket culture by immersing with the crowds.

One of the greatest things about Phuket is the friendly vibe that the Thai people give off, which is why visiting Phuket is always a pleasant experience. If you’ve never been to Thailand or have never really gone beyond the beaches, then take some time to experience the local culture.

Here are three must-do things that a tourist should do in order to get experience the authentic Phuket culture that the island has to offer.

Go Shopping

Shopping is one of the most touristy things to do when on vacation, but we mean more than simply going to Jungceylon Mall or Malin Plaza for souvenir shopping. The local weekend street markets are some of the best go-to’s to immerse and converse with the locals. The Naka market—along the Chao Fa West Road near the Central Festival Mall—has some interesting trinkets and souvenirs, as well as loads of locals milling about.

For a more colorful experience, going to the Phuket Old Town Handicraft Shops is also a fantastic experience. There, you can see items that can only be seen locally, as well as see the sights and architecture that the Old Town has to offer.

Enjoy the local cuisine

When people think of Thai food, Pad Thai, Tom Yum Goong, and various curry dishes are usually what come to mind. While these definitely offer the unique food taste that the locals enjoy, the best authentic experience isn’t found in the high-class restaurants with the flashy lights—it’s found in the streets!

Phuket Street Eats tours are some of the best ways to find the best hole-in-the-wall eateries, just ask around and a friendly local will point you the right way. If you’re looking for more independent action, then the Banzaan Market is another great go-to. Various fresh seafood can be found there and the surrounding food joints offer some of the best street food as well!

Indulge in the attractions

The local attractions are definitely great ways to sight-see while experiencing extreme thrills, but more than that, it’s a good way to experience the island itself. The Hanuman World is one of the best natural attractions for the daily thrill-seeker and it provides a unique aerial view of Phuket.

Aside from this, the Phuket PhantaSea is also equally mesmerizing, hosting spectacular shows and entertaining games for the more tame entertainment-seeker. If it’s a show you want, then going to the theatre to see the Siam Niramit is a great way to spend your time.


While Phuket does offer some of the best beaches, taking some time to appreciate the culture will definitely let you have a well-rounded and highly educational experience. The true gem of Thailand doesn’t lie in Phuket’s white sand, the spicy one-of-a-kind food, or the awe-inspiring shows, it’s in the people that take their time to give you the best experiences.

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