Best Areas To Buy Property In Phuket Thailand

Best Areas To Buy Property In Phuket Thailand - riverhouse phuket

Which Are The Best Areas To Buy Property In Phuket Thailand?

The pandemic had a huge impact on many things worldwide, especially travel and tourism, however, with people now once again being able to move around, the tourism and travel industries are back on track. Since Thailand opened up its borders again, the resurgence of the property market in Phuket has been very strong and it’s once again one of the best places in Thailand to buy property, especially if you’re looking for a long term investment.

When it comes to buying property in Phuket, it’s crucial to understand the distinct characteristics of each area on the island. With its diverse landscape, Phuket offers a range of options to suit different preferences. In this guide, we will explore five of the most significant areas in Phuket and highlight the unique features and attractions they have to offer. Whether you’re seeking stunning beaches, vibrant nightlife, tranquil surroundings, or a combination of factors, this guide will help you make an informed decision about your property investment in Phuket.

1. Bangtao – Laguna

Bangtao, Laguna has a lot going for it. Situated on the west coast of Phuket midway up the island, it’s an ideal location as it’s pretty close to the airport and a stone’s throw from the beautiful Bangtao and Layan beaches. It’s a cosmopolitan area with a broad selection of boutique shopping and dining choices, with up-market restaurants, bars, and entertainment and sports facilities.

That said it still retains a large amount of traditional Thai charm, the perfect mixture for modern living in a relaxed environment. Properties in this area tend to be toward the luxury end of the market as it has a high percentage of villas and pool villas rather than condos and apartment blocks.

There is a large expat community here also, which always encourages the short and long term rental market. It’s currently viewed as being at the forefront of property investment and development in Phuket. There are currently around 400 properties available ranging from 3.5 to 123 million baht.

2. Layan – Cherng Talay

Layan, Cherng Talay, can be found just to the north of the Bantao, Laguna area and so has similar benefits of being close to the airport and has beautiful beaches close at hand.

The Cherngtalay / Laguna / Layan area in Phuket is an emerging location for property investment, attracting significant demand and garnering attention as the next sought-after destination. Although slightly less developed than its neighboring areas, this region is quickly gaining popularity among investors and boasts a sizable expat community. The properties in this area predominantly cater to the luxury market, offering a wide range of luxurious pool villas and upscale condominiums.

Layan Beach - Laguna - Cherng talay - best areas to buy properties in Phuket Thailand - riverhouse phuket

Again the area retains its traditional Thai charm and has plenty of green areas as well as everything from farmers markets to high end supermarkets. With in excess of a thousand properties currently available ranging in price from 2.5 million baht for a studio condominium all the way up to 393 million baht for a luxury villa with a sea view, the scope for investment here is quite broad.

3. Rawai – Nai Harn

The Rawai area, which can be found right at the south of the island, has long been an expat stronghold. The area offers a great selection of restaurants, bars, and entertainment facilities and it’s more oriented towards families than party goers. Rawai beach is not great for swimming due to the shallow bay, however,

Rawai beach area for living in phuket - buying property in thailand - riverhouse phuket

Nai Harn just around the corner has a stunning beach which is great for swimming or surfing depending on the season. Having a long-standing expat community means you can find lots of international shops and supermarkets, and there are also international schools within an easy commute.

The rental market in this area is very robust as it’s a much sought after area for those living and working here, but also short term rentals for the tourist market are also strong.

There is a wide variety of property available here although it tends to be more towards the middle market than the top end on offer in the Cherng Talay district, with over 900 properties available ranging from 3 to 44.5 million baht.

4. Kata – Karon

The Kata and Karon area of Phuket sits on the south west of the island and is home to two of the island’s best beaches. Kata beach is more sheltered although both are great for swimming and surfing.

Both areas are more family oriented than the Patong area to the north, and are very popular with holidaymakers and expats alike. With great shopping, dining and entertainment facilities this area is a prime location for property investment due to the constantly high demand for rental properties.

For this reason properties can range from 5.2 to 189 million baht and obviously there’s a premium for properties with a sea view, the mix is generally in the middle of the market rather than high-end, luxury properties although they can be found here too. Both Kata and Karon have an easy going atmosphere, there are international schools within an easy commute and there’s also a convenient bus which runs along the west coast to and from the airport.

5. Kamala

Kamala is a sought after district of Phuket for being quieter than the areas further south. It’s a charming area and in recent years it has seen itself develop into a more modern neighbourhood with the advent of international restaurants, entertainment venues, boutique shops, and luxury hotels and villas whilst still retaining the chilled out atmosphere it always had.

Kamala beach in the evening

For these reasons it is a great place to invest in property as it has an element of exclusivity and property here ranges from 4 to 249 million baht, the premium once again being paid for a sea view. The area boasts lots of green space and an amazing beach fringed with trees which is home to the world famous Cafe del Mar beach club, it really is an idyllic spot.

Finding the Perfect Location in Phuket

Obviously, the best area in Phuket is a matter of choice, and will depend on what you intend to use the property for, as an example those looking to retire will be looking for something very much different to those with a young family, or those who seek a property purely for rental purposes. It is advisable, after you have carried out some research, to spend some time in the area of your choice, it really is the only way to get a proper feel of whether it’s suitable or not. Regardless of your circumstances, we hope you’ve found this blog useful to give you a better idea about the areas we’ve covered.