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Green living is a way of life. Choosing actions that are environmentally ethical and eco-friendly, as best as you can. Green Living doesn’t have to be difficult. Here’s how you can make the most sustainable living decisions for your home, family, and community.

5 Compelling Reasons to Stay in a Sustainable Hotel


With Earth Day just around the corner, we are again reminded of the importance of being a good steward of nature and being mindful of how we affect the environment in everything we do. With that in mind, it would be a worthwhile endeavor to do our fair share of eco-friendly preparations in our travels. […]

How far would you go for a Sustainable Living lifestyle?


Riverhouse Phuket is setting itself apart as a new type of pool villa development with a focus on modern technology and clean energy done in a trendy industrial loft style setting. The solar powered villa sets the new bar for Phuket villa development. When arriving at Riverhouse, you will first notice the clear solar roof […]

5 Ways to Make Your Beach Holiday Eco-Friendly


Hot, summer months mark the arrival of what is officially beach season. Most vacationers are excited to head to the coast, whether it’s within their country or to the tropics, where temperatures are much warmer, and the sun shines brighter. However, travelers must make an extra effort to go on eco-friendly beach holidays to combat […]

Walk Carbon Footprint-Free How to Travel Sustainably


It can be rather difficult to accept, but traveling is far from being an eco-friendly activity. Beaches all over the world drown in plastic, making things less than pleasing to look at. Previously unspoiled places have been converted into spaces fit for tourism, with little to no regard for a slowly decaying flora and fauna. […]

4 Travel Tips for an Eco-Friendly Phuket Beach Trip


Not too long ago, most people wouldn’t have given a second thought about using a plastic bag to carry their stuff. Today, however, eco-friendliness is on everyone’s minds, and people are much more aware of the need to go green. Plastic bags are now generally a no-no, and this type of mindset applies even to […]

5 Eco-Friendly Tips You Should Follow While on a Vacation

5 Eco-Friendly Tips You Should Follow While on a Vacation

As the year comes to a close and the holidays start to roll in, some people might have a few travel plans in mind to make up for the time lost in the past year. So long as you follow the necessary social distancing guidelines and travel regulations, you can begin packing your bag, finalizing […]

How to Plan a Sustainable Eco-Friendly Trip to Phuket


The effects of climate change are becoming more apparent every year, and many people are actively reducing their carbon footprint today. Even travelers do this; a lot are interested in making their trips as green as possible. If you’re planning a trip to Phuket soon, here are some ways you could make it more environmentally […]

5 Tips to Take an Eco Friendly Vacation


Thanks to increased awareness about environmental concerns, people are progressively moving towards a more ecologically friendly lifestyle. That means minimizing waste, opting for reusable products, and supporting sustainable programs. The adjustment can take a while, primarily since most of the products today use disposable packaging. However, with a little resourcefulness, you can add sustainable living […]

How to Find an Ecolodge That Is Truly About Green Living


For corporations, it is fashionable to ‘go green’ these days. Plenty of companies call themselves an ecoresort, ecohotel, or ecolodge. However, not all of them are what they claim and only adapt the label without putting in the work of genuinely becoming green. As a consumer, you need to know what the truth is, and […]

The Future of Travel Ecolodges for Sustainable Tourism


When you dream of paradise, you likely picture rolling green hills, accompanied by a lush forest growing apples and oranges for you to enjoy. It could also be a roaring unspoiled jungle, filled with fauna and flora you just won’t see anywhere else in the world. Instead of city traffic, you enjoy the steady songs […]