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Riverhouse Phuket is an eco-friendly estate located near Laguna, Phuket. Featuring 25 solar powered homes for sale in Thailand. Each pool house is 100% powered by solar emergy with a selection of 2 to 4 bedroom options. These loft-style pool villas with a renewable energy technology integration and an edgy, functional layout brings a brand new sustainable living concept to Thailand. Each villa has a private swimming pool and is powered by solar panels on the roof for energy efficiency and connected to our smart grid for energy sharing.


梦想在普吉岛生活吗?时机已到! 随着普吉岛砂箱(Phuket Sandbox)的游客逐渐增加,跟着普吉岛的成功案例,泰国推出7+7砂箱模式,让游客能够出普吉岛以外7个泰国南部的指定地区。2020年比较冷清的巴东海滩开始出现游客的踪影与更多活动的迹象,彷佛就快呈现出疫情前著名的巴东海滩繁华。 我们太阳能别墅也更加有吸引力,本项目的2栋2卧别墅在今年年底即将完工并交付给户主。您可在本刊图里看到有创造力与个性的设计,被融入到该别墅里,普吉河居准备好迎接别墅户主进住了。 2卧别墅的样板间也马上落成。我们相信这会是买家当中较受欢迎的一款设计,虽然2卧私人泳池别墅的布局跟3卧的不一样,但高效节能系统是一样的。2卧别墅带有同样的环保概念并更加有竞争力的价格。 在 河居 生活,让您跟环境融为一体。普吉河居是唯一考虑绿色能源的别墅发展项目,不只是我们屋顶上按装了1万千瓦的太阳能板,我们还在公共区域安装了电能汽车充电器。无论是空调,除湿器,或热水系统都通过仔细的研究与设计让普吉河居成为一个真正环保的别墅。 当所有别墅建成时,所有太阳能设备会连接起来,我们把它称为智能电网系统,这让所有产生的能源能够在本项目里分享出来。这是您在其他泰国私人泳池发展项目里所找不到的。 随着更多世界各地的人们逐渐开始移居到泰国,我们都会首先受到他们的关注,尤其是当您考虑地点的便利性时,我们距离国际商场,时尚购物中心,各类餐厅只有800米,海滩也离我们很近,3公里内可到达2个普吉岛有名的海滩。国际学校与普吉国际机场都只需15分钟的车程。普吉河居绝对位于一个非常便利的地点,这也让我们收到很多租赁质询,当然我们也有比较完善的租赁方案可供投资商考虑。 普吉岛许多地方开始恢复热闹的气氛,我们在河居随时等候您的到来,注意安全,随时更新普吉河居的最新洁能报道,咱们下回不见不散!

5 Things to Consider When Selecting a Villa in Phuket

To get straight to the point, Phuket is a magical place that many people consider paradise. Its many different areas offer breathtaking sunsets, magnificent beaches, fantastic cuisine, and a bolstering nightlife you wouldn’t want to miss out on. From everything said so far, it’s no wonder that travelers from all over the world include Phuket […]

Воплотить в жизнь свою мечту и жить на Пхукете? – Сейчас самое время

Воплотить в жизнь свою мечту и жить на Пхукете? – Сейчас самое время Медленно, но верно мы видим, что проект «Песочница Пхукета» привлекает на остров больше посетителей и после успешной программы Таиланд запустил новую «песочницу 7+7», позволяющую туристам отправиться с Пхукета на 7 островных направлений на юге Таиланда. Пляж Патонг, который в 2020 году был […]

An Expat’s Guide to Moving to Phuket All You Need to Know

Riverhouse Phuket Residential Villa

Phuket is regarded as one of the best tropical destinations in the world, and this Thai province has many dreaming of it as their end-goal location to live or even retire in. Although it is mainly known as a vacation spot to many, the Southeast Asian island life hotspot has become a viable option for […]

Traditional Thai Food Dishes Worth Trying

Traditional Thai Food Dishes Worth Trying There are many reasons to visit Thailand. Nonetheless, Thai cuisines are some reasons to entice and draw visitors from all over the world to the country. The delicacy of Thai meals results in a mix of freshness and aroma. Regardless of your purpose for coming, indulging in traditional Thai […]

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Sometimes, taking a break from everything familiar can help you regain your peace of mind, rediscover yourself, or create worthwhile memories. Whether you love your current residence or not, none can deny the joys of taking an adventure to places far and wide! Sure, traveling to an entirely foreign land can be scary at first, […]

Why Property Buying in Phuket Is Profitable Amid a Pandemic

The pandemic has shifted so many markets all across the globe. Places like Phuket in Thailand weren’t immune, as the economic changes had also reached this prime tourist spot in Southeast Asia. However, with those sudden alterations taking place, certain opportunities have also opened up for so many people. For one, the property market has […]

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Phuket Sandbox

Slowly but surely we see Phuket Sandbox project getting more visitors on the island, after the successful pilot province, Thailand now launched the sandbox 7+7, enable tourists to be able to hop out of Phuket to 7 more island destinations in the south of Thailand. Patong beach that was pretty empty and quiet in 2020, […]

How Thailand Views Sustainable Living

Riverhouse Phuket Sustainable Living

King Bhumibol Ajulyadej, the late great leader of Thailand was among the best kings who have introduced ideals to the Thais during his reign that we still benefit from – one of which is the Philosophy of Sufficiency Economy which can be considered the basis of Thailand’s stand on sustainability. In the early years of […]

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Places to Buy Souvenirs in Phuket

Phuket is a marvelous island full of wonders and pleasures. With its local charms and unique city feel, anyone would be tempted to stay in Phuket, but unfortunately, you’ll eventually have to leave and return to your homeland. Although you can’t rent a villa in Phuket forever, you get to have the next best thing—a […]