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Looking to invest or live in Phuket Thailand? Wondering what are the best investment opportunities in Thailand? Here you will find articles on investing and living in Phuket Thailand.

Best Place To Live & Work In Phuket

Phuket is a great location for executives who have the ability to work remotely but still need to commute back to the office once in a while, it’s equally a great spot for digital nomads, families and retirees. From beaches  and jungle to malls and coffee shops, Phuket has something for everyone, surfers and cityfolk alike so let’s take a look at which are the best places to live and work in Phuket – Thailand.

Phuket Upcoming Prime Location In 2022

Phuket Upcoming Prime Location In 2022 - Best Areas To Invest & Buy Properties In Phuket

Some of the most popular beaches are Kata, Patong, Chalong, Rawai, Surin and many others. Of all the places in Phuket, there is one area that is on the rise in terms of facilities and other infrastructures: Laguna. Phuket’s upcoming prime location, Laguna, shows rapid progress in building various infrastructures that attract investors. A year from now, this place will be one of the best areas to invest and buy properties in Phuket. The premier address for luxury travel and living in Phuket, Thailand.

Relocating to Thailand – Useful Tips On Moving To Thailand

Since the pandemic hit, Thailand has increasingly become a popular destination to relocate to for living while working abroad. Expats are relocating from Singapore, Hong Kong and Europe to Thailand as more and more companies are open to working remotely from another country. So what do you need to know about relocating to Thailand, and working remotely here in Thailand for a company abroad?

Our Ultimate Guide to Spotting the Best Luxury Villas

If any industry thrives in innovation and technology, it’s definitely real estate. The real estate market has been going through various changes for years, and right now, they’re looking for ways to marry elegance, function, and sustainability into luxury homes. While sustainable living isn’t a new concept, a growing number of people are looking to […]

What Foreigners Need to Know About Buying Property in Phuket

Buying Property In Phuket Thailand Riverhouse Phuket Property Investment

Phuket is a beautiful island in Thailand that definitely has a lot to offer. So, it’s no wonder a lot of foreigners want to purchase property in Phuket for personal use or as an investment. However, what does it take to buy property in Phuket as a foreigner? Property and Land Ownership Rights According to […]

An Expat’s Guide to Moving to Phuket All You Need to Know

Riverhouse Phuket Residential Villa

Phuket is regarded as one of the best tropical destinations in the world, and this Thai province has many dreaming of it as their end-goal location to live or even retire in. Although it is mainly known as a vacation spot to many, the Southeast Asian island life hotspot has become a viable option for […]

Why Property Buying in Phuket Is Profitable Amid a Pandemic

The pandemic has shifted so many markets all across the globe. Places like Phuket in Thailand weren’t immune, as the economic changes had also reached this prime tourist spot in Southeast Asia. However, with those sudden alterations taking place, certain opportunities have also opened up for so many people. For one, the property market has […]

Thinking of living your dream in Phuket? – Now is the time

Phuket Sandbox

Slowly but surely we see Phuket Sandbox project getting more visitors on the island, after the successful pilot province, Thailand now launched the sandbox 7+7, enable tourists to be able to hop out of Phuket to 7 more island destinations in the south of Thailand. Patong beach that was pretty empty and quiet in 2020, […]

The Beauty of Phuket Understanding Its Popularity and Roots

Riverhouse Phuket

Many people often go abroad to spend some time unwind or relax. It’s a good idea too because taking a vacation abroad is a surefire way to be temporarily disconnected from anyone you know or your responsibilities, such as work. Unbeknown to many people who like traveling for a vacation, the island of Phuket in […]